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FMC — control all calls of your sales reps

If a sales rep from time to time works outside the office, it is very difficult to control his work. However, at this time, he might use his smartphone to communicate with clients. But what if he misses calls, or he is rude? This problem can be easily solved — the mobile phone needs to be connected to the Ringostat virtual PBX. Read how to get full control over employee’s conversations and reports on their effectiveness.

Why do you need this

When the sales rep works from the office, the manager controls his communication with customers. For example, he can listen to calls or check the virtual PBX reports. But when the employee leaves the office, his communication goes to the “blind zone”. All calls are processed with a smartphone, so the virtual PBX can’t record it.

At the same time, there are many niches where sales reps often communicate with customers outside the office:

  • real estate — an employee regularly shows buyers an apartment or house;
  • construction and repair — the builder stays at the facility almost all the time;
  • logistics — forwarding agents track the cargo;
  • auto dealership — if a customer orders a car from another country, sometimes the sales rep must drive it, check everything, etc .;
  • the service sector — for example, babysitters stay with the child almost all the time;
  • private hospitals — doctors that can visit seriously ill patients, etc.

Sure, you can hope for the honesty of your employees. But such credulity can every day cost a business a large sum. Especially when every customer matters and the company spends a lot of money on attracting leads. Moreover, this is especially relevant now when many companies have remained to work remotely. The only right solution is to send to the virtual PBX calls that sales reps make with their smartphones. Just as if they were communicating with customers while sitting in the office. 

How does it work

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is a technological solution that combines different types of communication networks: fixed and mobile. It allows you to create a single network of office phones and mobile phones with a common plan of short numbering.

You can get even more benefits by using this option with call tracking. Thus, you will not only control the work of sales reps but also monitor ads that drive your customers. Ringostat reports will provide information on the source, channel, campaign, and keyword that led to the call. Our client, who uses the combination of these two tools, describes the advantages of FMC and call tracking.

Advantages that FMC offers

1. Full control of employees 

In the Ringostat call log, you can view the entire history of communication between sales reps and customers, both for inbound and outbound calls. The following information is attached to each call:

  • date;
  • status: accepted, missed, target call, etc .;
  • caller’s number and the number of the company and employee’s name;
  • waiting time;
  • duration of the conversation;
  • audio recording.

Thus, you can conclude:

  • how many calls processes each sales rep;
  • whether the employee often misses calls and how long does it take to answer;
  • whether he answers with short phrases or makes the conversation longer than necessary;
  • how polite the employee is, whether he understands the product/service good enough, etc.
Example of the information in the Ringostat call log
Example of the information displayed

2. Reports on the effectiveness of sales reps

Evaluate how each individual employee processes calls. This will help you understand who is truly effective and who is just playing pretend that he works. In Ringostat, you can create a report on calls of a specific employee in just a minute.

3. A client won’t know the personal phone number of a sales rep

You can configure that the same company’s number is always displayed for outbound calls from a sales rep to a customer. With inbound calls, you can set up a system of additional numbers for employees. In this case, the customer can immediately choose which number to use to connect with his sales rep. That’s how you will avoid the situation when the employee gives the customer his own phone number, so then their communication can no longer be controlled.

4. Integration with the CRM

Ringostat now has 20+ ready-made integrations with the most popular CRM systems. Due to this, calls can be automatically transferred to such systems. In this case, you will be able to listen to conversations in relation to a specific deal. You can also forward calls directly to the responsible for the deal person.

A big advantage of the integration with the CRM system is its smart logic. Instantly after the call, a contact, deal, and task are automatically created. If the sales rep missed the call, there will be a task with a deadline “to call back”, etc.

5. Possibility to notice and prevent problems in advance

You can at any time find the history of communication between the needed employee and the customer. For example:

  • the employee is about to quit and discusses details with other employers;
  • he negotiates with your competitor;
  • he is not involved in the work process and does not interested in solving customers’ issues;
  • calls for personal needs from a work mobile, spending company money.

Connection process

Contact your provider for the numbers that you need to be tracked. For example, Ukrainian users can contact the lifecell connection provider. After activating the service, all calls will go to the Ringostat virtual PBX first, and only then sent to the smartphone of the employee.

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