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Call Tracking in the Logistics Industry: Proper Call Analytics and Creating the Effective Advertising

If your business is based on phone calls, call tracking solves many tasks such as increasing the advertising effectiveness, optimizing a marketing budget and improving the service quality. The case of logistics company demonstrates which results you may reach by using call analytics tool. 

Client: Project

Region: Kazakhstan

Industry: Freight forwarding services

Goals: To build a telephony system and implement call tracking to analyze the performance of ad campaigns

Period of Ringostat use: Since the beginning of 2017


  1. The phone system is set up
  2. The quality of call processing is improved. The number of missed calls is reduced by 72%.
  3. The average cost per click is decreased by 31%.
  4. CTR grew by 14%.
  5. The cost per conversion is decreased by 14%.
  6. 11% of ad budget is available for the further investment in the most effective campaigns.  

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Atasu Group has been working in the logistics industry for 18 years. The main directions of the company’s business are international and internal freight, courier and custom representative services. The services are available in CIS, China, and Europe. The company’s motto is “Transportation from the simplest to the more complex”. That’s true because with Atasu Group it’s possible to order a cargo delivery by plane or ship.

This company has a solid experience and a high reputation on the market. Its clients are Coca-Cola, LG, Efes. However, top managers of Atasu Group don’t stop on reached. The company is actively seeking new modern ways of customer acquisition.

For example, they updated their website one year ago. The animated illustrations dedicated to the theme of transport is what differs a site from competitors. They serve as the additional factor of customer attraction.

Also, the company decided to do digital marketing work and assigned it to agency. Atasu Group is constantly striving to increase the quality of employees’ performance. When it comes to the huge companies, that’s impossible without workflow automation and proper control over customer service.

In the case of Atasu Group the call tracking implementation was essential for following reasons:

  1. The lack of full control over communication between sales reps and clients.
  2. There was no decent phone system which could unite all the employees and departments.
  3. Nobody knew about advertising effectiveness in terms of phone calls.
  4. There was not enough data to optimize advertising.

All these tasks could be successfully solved with Ringostat. Before implementation of our service, Google Analytics was the only analytics tool connected to company’s website. However, the phone calls from the advertising weren’t tracked at all. Therefore, marketers couldn’t determine which campaigns generate phone leads.

This issue was a company’s weakness because logistics services are closely connected to phone calls. Most of the expenditure services are sold over the phone.

The company didn’t know when and how many calls were missed. The phone system was particularly set up but it didn’t satisfy general company’s needs.  

Top managers of Atasu Group understood they needed to change their approach to phone calls. This coincided with Smartum agency having an experience of using Ringostat. The agency offered a company to set up Ringostat call tracking and our virtual PBX. Therefore, Atasu Group made a decision to implement our service.

Tasks assigned

  1. To set up PBX and organize a control of agents’ work.
  2. Reduce the number of missed calls.
  3. Analyze the effectiveness of ad campaigns in terms of phone calls.
  4. Optimize advertising.
  5. Lower the customer acquisition costs.
  6. Decrease the cost per conversion.
  7. Optimize marketing budget.

Ringostat implementation

To solve all these tasks, we configured IVR (interactive voice response) in two steps:

  1. find out the client’s language.
  2. find out the needed department: freight, customs or courier delivery.

Thus, the right department received the calls with previous notification about client’s language.

As one of the company’s offices had virtual PBX and partially configured IP-telephony, the best decision was to integrate it in one scheme with another office.  Besides, Atasu Group involved remote managers in this scheme — they activated the SIP-telephony apps on their mobile phones to receive the calls out of office.

To avoid the number of missed calls, this scheme includes the backup landline/mobile number which doesn’t depend on Internet availability in office. This solution reduces the chance that a client won’t get through to the company.

Building a telephony system

Atasu Group noticed first results of using Ringostat PBX after two months. That’s when the complex scheme was fully configured according to client’s tasks and desires. At the initial stage of using our service, they often asked Ringostat Customer Support and were well satisfied with its efficiency.

Atasu Group implemented an optimal telephony scheme that united all the employees from different branches. This solution allowed sales reps to process calls via SIP. Primarily, they tried to use softphones. Later they decided to buy VoIP phones. When being outside the office, employees use Zoiper mobile app and may answer phone calls via SIP.

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Solving of marketing tasks

After 3 months of Ringostat use, both agency and Atasu Group has learned about the performance of advertising campaigns. They analyzed the reports on marketing results including data on calls from specific advertising sources. It allowed to understand what to do to attract targeted traffic to the website.

As you remember when starting work on project, agency and its client Atasu Group determined some tasks. We’ll list the reached results below. 

Task #1 Reducing the number of missed calls

By controlling the call processing, Atasu Group decreased the number of missed calls by 72%. 

Here’s the number of missed calls at the very beginning of using Ringostat.

After 3 months the number of missed calls was significantly reduced.

Task #2 Optimization of cost per click

By analyzing the conversion of keywords to calls, Smartum experts refused the inefficient and expensive keywords and focused on those ones converting more leads.

The average cost per click was decreased by 31% —  from 0,26$ to 0,18$.

Task #3 Ads optimization

Data on advertising sources of calls helped the agency properly use the pain points of clients in ads and create more effective campaigns. As result, their CTR grew by 14%.

Task #4 Decreasing the conversion costs

With the use of call tracking, the conversion costs shot down 14%.

Task #5 Advertising budget optimization

The agency improved the quality of advertising campaigns management. Ad costs were reduced by 11%. However, the reach of target audience stayed the same.


Thanks to call tracking, top managers at Atasu Group analyze all the missed and incoming calls. The company increases the service quality and understands where the clients come from. That allows marketers to create effective advertising campaigns and optimize marketing budget.

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