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Bonuses from Ringostat that you will definitely want to get

Бонусы Ringostat

Pay Ringostat in advance, save money and get a unique set of bonuses as a gift. It will help you to further increase the effectiveness of your advertising and allocate your advertising budget more accurately.

Customers have been using the Ringostat platform for over a year on average. We are grateful for the trust and appreciate the customers who have been with us for a long time, so we are launching a bonus program for them. Now, when you pay for Ringostat for 360 days or more, in addition to the benefit of up to 40%, you get a number of unique bonuses.

What is included in the unique bonus package

Package of reports on competitors

We offer you a package of reports generated on the basis of the Serpstat service. These reports will allow you to compare yourself with your competitors based on clear and specific data, see and objectively assess your market position, and increase the effectiveness of contextual advertising and SEO promotion.

Why is a package of competitor reports useful?

  1. You will get a list of keywords (SEO + context) that you are not using yet, but your competitors are using for advertising or SEO optimization. You will have a list of proven keywords that are already guaranteed to work. All you have to do is add them to your own list of keywords to increase the effectiveness of contextual advertising or SEO promotion.
  2. You will be able to compare yourself with competitors and objectively assess your market position.
  3. You will understand what your website pages look like in terms of popularity/visibility by search engines — it will be much easier to optimize your website, based on this information.
  4. Furthermore, you will receive a list of top pages and can use it when choosing landing pages for your ads.

Personalized training on effective work with Ringostat

An individual training course from Ringostat experts aimed at ensuring that you get the most out of the platform. You will learn how to set up a project during the training, work with Ringostat reports, and analyze the data correctly.

The training program includes several modules.

  1. Demonstration of your personal account, as well as an initial analysis of reports and settings in the Ringostat system for your project. You will learn how to use your Ringostat personal account, how to set up your project, and how to analyze basic reports.
  2. Primary data analysis. You will learn how to analyze the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns based on Ringostat and Google Analytics 4 data.
  3. Optimization of advertising campaigns and sales department automation. Our expert will show you 10 practical examples of how to use Ringostat tools to reduce advertising costs, properly allocate the advertising budget, and increase the efficiency of both the sales department and the business as a whole.
  4. Building an end-to-end analytics system. You will learn how to build an analytics system for your business and understand exactly how much money this or that advertising channel has brought you.

In addition to the main modules, the Ringostat training course is a great opportunity to talk to an expert in call analytics, ask questions, and learn how to work with our platform as efficiently as possible.

Publishing a joint case study on the Ringostat blog

The article will contain an open link to your website. We will share the case study on our own social media pages and thematic groups, and include it in our newsletter. So a wider audience will learn about your company. You can find examples of such cases on our blog.

Record audio messages for IVR

Professional speakers will read texts for your IVR. You can make your voicemail personalized to stand out from the competition.

Sales team audit from our partners

Problems in the sales department are often not visible to the manager or owner. It is only with an expert outside perspective that you can see what to improve. Our partners will conduct a free audit and help you find the weaknesses of your sales team. For example, if there is no sales team development strategy, its structure, regulations, and KPIs are missing. You will find out what the learning rhythm of the team is, whether the scripts are well-thought-out, how well the tools are set up, etc. Knowing such shortcomings, you will understand how to improve the work of the department.

To learn more about the bonus program or ask additional questions, please contact us:

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