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Automatically dial customers with Power Dialer, saving up to 7 seconds on each call

Power Dialer

Copying a number, pasting, dialing — these small actions take only seconds. But when you have to call hundreds of customers, these time-consuming actions gradually add up to hours. To save you from this problem, Ringostat has released Power Dialer. Outbound call centers can spend less time on each call by automatically dialing from a database.

What is Power Dialer

Power Dialer is part of the Ringostat application for calls, chats and CRM work. It allows you to dial customer numbers and pause briefly between calls automatically. The operator only needs to chat with customers and make notes after the call. With Power Dialer, the team can focus on their work without being distracted by routine mechanical activities.

Download the latest version of the Ringostat app on the website to use Power Dialer.

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What’s the upside of Power Dialer

If you make calls manually, it takes about 5–7 seconds just to copy, paste and dial a number. Suppose a call center consists of at least 10 people who call at least 60 customers a day. In this case, the company will spend an hour daily just to dial numbers. This amounts to more than 22 monthly hours if the team works Monday through Friday. And that’s still a minimum figure because call centers often make many more calls and consist of more people. 

In addition to saving time, Power Dialer provides other perks.

  1. Automation. Operators eliminate manual work and can focus on communicating with customers and closing deals.
  2. Increased sales. The call center’s productivity increases, as it can call many more people, and with it — the company’s profit — without additional investment and staff expansion.
  3. Guaranteed processing of the base by operators. Management creates campaigns with numbers that need to be called, and Power Dialer will accurately dial them. Unlike a person who can make a mistake and miss a number.

How Power Dialer works

The project administrator creates campaigns in the Ringostat personal cabinet. In them, he or she uploads the numbers of clients to be called:

Power Dialer also integrates with the CRM system. Thanks to this, customer contacts can be transferred to Power Dialer and auto-dialed directly from the CRM database.   

The administrator assigns managers responsible for calling the database, and Power Dialer appears in the Ringostat application:

After pressing the “Play” button, automatic dialing starts. As soon as the manager hangs up, the solution pauses for a customizable duration. This gives the manager time to record the details of the call. After the pause, Power Dialer dials the next number, but the operator can pause it if necessary.

If the customer did not pick up or was busy, the solution immediately calls the next number.

Bonus: additional features of Power Dialer

  1. The helpful customer insights. If you have set up integration between your CRM system and Ringostat, all customer data will be automatically pulled into the mini-CRM in the Ringostat application. Thanks to this, the operator will immediately see the customer’s name, contact details, etc., when dialing. 
  2. All statistics on calls are collected in Ringostat reports. For example, you can filter outgoing calls from a particular operator to evaluate its performance. Or you can do it thanks to the sampling of real-time calls.
  3. Instantly navigate to a deal card or contact in your CRM. If the integration is set up, you’ll see the relevant buttons in the active call card. This will help you immediately recall practical details or quickly record them in CRM after the call.
  4. Ability to automatically analyze thousands of conversations with customers. Conversation Intelligence and Ringostat AI Supervisor will do it for you. Get transcripts of 100% of conversations, their brief meaning, advice on the next steps, etc. All this will help you understand which conversations to pay attention to and how to improve the quality of service.

Install Power Dialer to increase call center productivity without additional investments. In your personal account, you will find a link to the instructions for setting it up. However, the solution is not just efficient; it’s also intuitive and designed to be quickly mastered. So you can confidently adopt this new tool without any hesitation.

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