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A clue: how Ringostat defines the needed quantity of numbers for substitution

Call tracking is based on phone numbers substitution. That’s why we can claim: not enough numbers mean no accurate call analytics. The maximum accuracy is important in these calculations. Get acquainted with Ringostat’s algorithm. Due to its data, we recommend the quantity of phone numbers for substitution.

Just in case, a little background info. Imagine a website with installed call tracking. A visitor that goes there sees a special inserted phone number but not the average one. After the call, the system collates the phone number with the advertising source that brought the customer. Thus, the source of the call becomes clear. For example, Google paid ads, etc.

It seems easy, right? Well, it is so if a company uses static call tracking only. However, the situation is not that simple with dynamic or combined ones. If you are out of the topic, first of all, we recommend you to find out the difference between these two ways of tracking calls.

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Dynamic call tracking helps to define with the maximum accuracy what brought a customer to your website. It displays the advertising source, channel, campaign, keyword and customer’s actions on site. An example of such data in the call log:

And here’s the tricky bit. The higher is the traffic, the more numbers for a substitution you need. Let’s say, you have 5 numbers but the website is simultaneously visited by 6+ customers. The system has nothing to do but to take numbers from “old” visitors and give them to “recent” ones. As a result, the statistic is ruined. An error appears when the service can’t collate calls with their ad sources. You can make wrong decisions based on such analytics.

On the other end, you can spend the budget on a hundred numbers, however, having low traffic. There is no sense in that, unnecessary expenses only. Here comes the question: how to understand how many numbers you need to cover all simultaneous visitors? The answer is several algorithms that provide Ringostat. Each of them defines the needed quantity of phone numbers on different stages of work with the service. All these calculations are made to receive the most accurate statistic possible.

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Stage №1. Definition of the quantity of substituted numbers before the connection

A client communicates with the sales rep who provides all the information in detail. As the sales representative has the experience of working with companies from different niches. Thus, he advises you on the appropriate call tracking type for your business also considering the cost-effectiveness.

For example, a developer has a website approximately visited by 1000 people per day. He has launched paid ads, advertisements on billboards and TV. Moreover, his advertisements are also placed on five online platforms. In such a case, the sales rep will offer a combined call tracking type that includes both static and dynamic functionality.

The company from the example above has invested more in paid ads. It is required to use the dynamic calls substitution to provide the client with the most detailed data on sources, channels, and keywords. This will also allow you to receive a thorough report on omnichannel consistency that displays the contribution of each channel in the final conversion.

Static type is good to track calls from outdoor advertising. Requests from advertising platforms can be tracked via a combined one. Thus, a dynamic call tracking will collect detailed data on referral links transfers from portals where advertisements are placed. Calls made directly from thematic platforms can also be tracked using static calls substitution by providing a number to each portal.

By comparing traffic and considering the best call tracking type for the project, the sales rep defines the needed quantity of phone numbers. It can be 13 numbers for dynamic substitution and the same number to track offline requests via static call tracking.

Stage №2. During the work with call tracking 

And it’s not all with the dynamic substitution. The volume of traffic is constantly changing so the quantity of required numbers may also change. Ringostat provides one more algorithm that lets to notice changes on time. It prevents the user if there is a risk of an error in the statistic. This algorithm works for V4, one of our scripts. The script is a technology that provides numbers insertion.

Thus, a project starts with a free testing trial that lasts 14 days. Systems fix that website visitors were active for 100 minutes. And the “magic” begins.

how Ringostat defines the needed quantity of numbers for substitution

Usually, all numbers for the project are divided at pools — groups created for different purposes. For example, there may be several pools for visitors from different regions or for customers that were brought by different ad channels. The algorithm analyzes traffic from each pool by specific metrics.

Ringostat defines the appropriate quantity of phone numbers for each pool based on this data. You can see this quantity in the “Numbers recommended” column. Relevant data is available at every page refresh.

how Ringostat defines the needed quantity of numbers for substitution

Still not over. It’s not enough to see the recommended quantity of numbers. You need to understand how critical the shortage is at the moment. As we can see, circles on the right are in different colors. It’s exactly the color that gives an understanding of the data collection from each pool.

To assign a certain color to each group, the statistic is collected separately and according to another algorithm. And again, the program tracks active sessions by every pool. The explanation of colors is the following:

how Ringostat defines the needed quantity of numbers for substitution

Meanwhile, colors don’t depend directly on the needed quantity of numbers. For example, there might be 5 numbers in the pool but it is required 9. However, the color will still be yellow. The project with 10 numbers and 11 “recommended” can have a red circle. In the last example, it means that the number of visitors is usually higher than the numbers for substitution. So it is highly important to add one more number.

We understand that this information is not easy as there is a lot of numbers. That’s why don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below. You can also request a demo on our website to better understand the work of Ringostat.

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