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6 Industries that Must Track Phone Calls

In spite of modern communication forms, people still prefer to use the phone to make purchases. Therefore, many types of business need to use call tracking as must-have web analytics tool. Let’s check out which types of business call tracking is the most critical to.  

Actually, every business doesn’t need a call tracking. Take a little bakery. Its clients don’t order a bread or cakes over the phone. They come to the bakery to buy food. In this case, a bakery owner won’t reap benefits from using call tracking. Put it simply, call tracking is an essential tool only for industries which advertise online or receive many leads from phone calls.

In most companies communication with customers is based on phone calls. Still not convinced? Try to count at least ten products or services you may add to the cart on the website without a need to make a phone call.

So why do clients pick up the phones if they have the option to purchase online?

Have a look at the reasons for it.

  1.  The need to clarify details. When it comes to selling the complex products or services, customers may desire to learn more about this via phone call.
  2.   The high cost of product or service. Nobody wants to waste money for no reason. The more expensive the goods are, the more demanding customer may be. Therefore, clients want to ask a lot of questions before making the decision about a purchase.
  3.   The desire to be convinced of the reliability of the company. The human voice can be the decisive factor in building customer trust. Probably, that’s the reason why websites without a phone number receive fewer leads.
  4.   The need to check out the product availability, current price, and delivery terms. Some companies present specific offers and individually calculate the product price for every client. Sometimes you can’t find the information about custom tariff plans on their website. Therefore, it’s better to make a phone call and get an accurate calculation of cost per services based on your needs.

All these reasons lead to phone calls from advertising. Call tracking is a tool that helps determine which advertising campaigns are the most effective.

Okay, you think. But what types of business are in the greatest need of call tracking?

Let’s take a dive into that. 

1. Real estate

Purchasing a new home is one of the most important decisions in people’s lives, that’s why clients never hit “buy now”. They make phone calls instead of this. The new apartment is a big investment so customers need to check the reliability of the real estate company and clarify many issues.

Moreover, in real estate each click is expensive, and each phone call is valuable. While companies invest too much in marketing campaigns, they need to have powerful insights on what’s working, what’s not, and where they can optimize. Thus, call analytics is a helpful tool for this industry. One more important point issue is that call tracking allows to view how sales reps are handling inbound phone calls, and how many calls are missed.

Also, call tracking can be helpful for the rental housing industry. The blurbs for this business can quickly become obsolete or contain false info. That’s why clients don’t trust websites and call to make sure info is correct.

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2. Online stores

Here’s the typical story for many online buyers: they find a product at a good price, order it, but then find out that the product isn’t available. Another story is the real price can differ from info on the website.

The huge online stores have cool websites with relevant information and online chats. However, middle and small businesses can rarely afford it. The information about product availability is slowly being updated. Some product characteristics aren’t good described, or website has the lack of data on delivery terms. Therefore, the best way to clarify details for clients is to make a phone call. 

Also, some online stores offer specific products such as wedding dresses or cupboards. Their websites just show the variety of goods, and most sales happen over the phone.

3. Medicine

Say, you have a toothache or a high fever. We can hardly imagine that you’ll fill the online form and wait for the answer from the clinic. Most probably, you’ll call the clinic to schedule an appointment.

Also, when it comes to healthcare, people may have specific questions. Usually, they need to describe their symptoms and consult with a doctor. Therefore, communication via chats doesn’t fully satisfy clients’ needs.

The service quality control is crucial for the medical field. Here’s the real story. One of our clients is the plastic surgery clinic. Its customers make phone calls to learn about extra services and get more info. Therefore, marketers listen to some phone calls to check how well consultants answer. 

4. Legal and insurance services

When it comes to these important deals, people want to have personal guarantees. They don’t rely on the website info preferring to ask about service cost and necessary documents by phone.

We have an insightful case study regarding this. Our client is an insurance service center. Its website was easy-to-use, and customers could order any insurance online. In spite of it, people were more likely to call than fill online forms.Therefore, insurance service center started tracking phone calls. 

5. Education

Education is not an easy field to be in. The reason is education market is highly competitive. Of course, it has the impact on increasing the cost per click. So companies have to carefully select marketing channels and test different advertising campaigns to stand out amongst the competition.

With that in mind, call tracking is a necessity. You can’t afford to miss calls because it can lead to huge business failures. Apart from good advertising, you have to care about decent customer support. People spend a lot of money on education because it’s one of the life-impacting things. That’s why managers must have good explanation skills and be confident in dealing with clients’ questions. 

Call tracking is a great way to know how your managers are handling these tasks.

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6. Home services

This industry embraces many activities such as windows/door installation, renovation, cleaning services, plumbers etc. People tend to invite to their houses craftsmen they trust. Therefore, companies constantly test different ad campaigns and keywords to inspire consumer confidence.

To schedule an appointment, customers usually pick up phones. Also, phone calls allow to work out the payment details and ask case-specific questions. 


Actually, this list of the industries is open-ended. Call tracking is also popular in beauty, tourism, food delivery and other industries. This technology can provide benefits to every company which invests in online advertising and has many phone call conversions no matter the business type. Thanks to call tracking, a business has the opportunities:

Learn more about call tracking benefits by reading our case studies. 

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