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Ringostat AI: instant analysis of customer conversations is the future of sales

Ringostat AI

30 minutes — that’s how long it takes to analyze a conversation in detail that lasts only 5 minutes. But not in the age of artificial intelligence, which is now available in Ringostat. From now on, sales executives don’t need to listen to call recordings to evaluate the work of managers. Get an instant and objective assessment of each dialog with Ringostat AI. Artificial intelligence will point out critical moments and even give you tips to improve service.

Listening to calls is the basis for monitoring the sales department and training new employees. But this process consumes a lot of time. It lasts for half an hour to analyze a five-minute conversation is a realistic figure from our experience. And that’s if the manager describes mistakes and tips very briefly. Imagine how much time it takes a month to evaluate the work of a dozen employees.

Ringostat AI easily solves this problem. And it can even do much more.

Now we use this AI in our sales department ourselves. And we urge you to do the same to get a head start in the competitive race. After all, the faster the sales, the greater the market share your business can gain while other players are lagging.

Simply contact us via live chat on our website to get involved in Ringostat AI capabilities.

What information does Ringostat AI provide?

First, a few words about the general principle of operation.

  1. Ringostat AI works with audio recordings of conversations made by our platform.
  2. You get an analysis of each call. Everything described below is shown on one page dedicated to a specific conversation.
  3. There is also a report on all dialogs, which shows summary information for each. This way you can instantly see which calls to pay attention to.

Convert audio of conversation to text

Ringostat AI can be provided with a dialog in any language and receive a transcript of each phrase in English. First, this language is the main language of artificial intelligence, and it has the maximum amount of information in it. Secondly, it is the language of international communication, particularly in business. So this translation will come in handy.

The screenshot below shows:

What is the advantage?

  1. You don’t need to listen to the dialog to understand what was being said. In addition, many people perceive information better visually than by ear.
  2. You can easily understand the conversation in any language with translation and transcription. For example, we have salespeople operating in the markets of Poland and Bulgaria. Thanks to Ringostat AI, a manager can control them even without speaking Bulgarian and Polish.
  3. You can go to the desired part of the conversation with one click. Let’s say you were confused by a certain remark, and you need to listen to the intonation of the salesperson. Just click on the corresponding text, and the audio will start playing from the appropriate place.

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Evaluation of whether to pay attention to the dialog

More often than not, managers simply don’t know which conversations to listen to. If you have hundreds of calls a day, it is simply impossible to pay attention to them all. So businesses take the path of least resistance:

Ringostat AI will clearly show you which conversations require your attention and which are fine.

What is the advantage?

  1. Saving time. Because the manager can immediately notice problematic dialogues and focus on them. AI analyzes various factors related to the conversation and gives feedback on whether verification is needed. We will discuss which ones below.
  2. Understanding how badly or well a lead is processed. Based on a set of factors, AI gives the dialog a score from 1 to 10. One means that the dialog does not require attention, and ten means that the situation is as critical as possible.

Key points of the dialog

If you upload a certain text to ChatGPT, the AI can compile a list of the most important points at your request. Ringostat AI works on a similar principle. It analyzes the entire dialog and points out the main points that were discussed.

Below is an example of key points from one of the dialogs. In it, the user was interested in our Ringostat Smart Phone, and the sales rep described the features of this application:

What is the advantage?

  1. You understand the key points of the conversation in 10-15 seconds. And what the client and the employee ultimately agreed on. You don’t need to spend time reading or listening to the entire dialog.
  2. You won’t miss anything important, even if you have little time.

Tips with next steps

An experienced sales rep usually knows what to do after communicating with a client. But newcomers may have problems with this. Or the employee may get “wrapped up” and not immediately remember what needs to be done.

Ringostat AI will immediately give useful advice on what to do next based on what was discussed during the conversation:

What is the advantage?

  1. The sales rep always knows what to do next. Ringostat AI will describe it step by step.
  2. This makes it faster to advice new employees. The supervisor can simply copy the points with the next steps of the AI and add a little to them if necessary.
  3. The manager can check whether the employee has done everything that was required. For example, whether he or she sent a follow-up with a focus on specific questions, a letter with a product description, provided instructions, etc. after the conversation.

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Sales rep’s mistakes and a summary of the dialog

When a manager or team leader listens to a dialog:

This takes time and a lot of manual work.

Also, when a manager looks at the call log, for example, he or she does not understand what each conversation is about. To find the specific dialog they need to remember the date/time and the responsible employee.

Ringostat AI solves both of these problems. Thanks to the training, it perfectly understands the sales rep’s weaknesses during communication. It also records a summary of the conversation and even predicts how ready the customer is to buy:

You can then view the content of the dialog in the list of all dialogs — even without going to the card of a particular call.

What is the advantage?

  1. You don’t need to record sales rep’s errors manually. Ringostat AI will do it for you.
  2. You immediately have a summary of the conversation. This is especially convenient when you view statistics for all dialogs and see the meaning of each in a separate column.
  3. Knowledge how likely a purchase is in a particular case. For example, when a client is almost “ripe,” a manager can give useful advice to help close the deal as soon as possible.

Sentiment of conversation

The customer must hang up the phone satisfied. Otherwise, you may not only lose the profit but also receive negative feedback. But how can you quickly figure out what kind of conversation was going on? After all, a dialog can start friendly and end on a negative note.

With Ringostat AI, you don’t have to listen or read the entire dialog. Just look at the Sentiment block, which is responsible for the general mood of the conversation and each of its participants. You can also see the conclusion at the bottom to see whether the employee managed to solve the customer’s problem.

What is the advantage?

  1. You can immediately notice situations where the sales rep was not involved in the client’s problems, radiated negativity, etc. Similar to the customer’s mood, you should listen to the entire dialog to understand what the problem is. Perhaps it was provoked by the employee, or perhaps the customer is just in a bad mood today.
  2. Understanding whether the client’s problem was solved during the conversation. And this often determines the closing of the deal.

Bonus: keywords + call data

The user can also see the keywords of the conversation. That is, what was emphasized during the communication with the client. This way you can understand which products the potential buyer was most interested in. They are displayed in descending order — from the most frequently mentioned to the least frequently mentioned.

You can also see the call data available in the Call Log right in the call description. For example:

Let’s summarize: 4 reasons to use Ringostat AI

  1. Significantly save time on team control. AI will analyze, decipher, and even give advice on the next steps. You will only have to make your professional conclusion.
  2. Understand how the team works with foreign customers — even if you don’t know their language. Ringostat AI will automatically translate the content of the conversation into English. And the transcribed text will be even easier to perceive visually than by ear.
  3. Immediately spot situations that warrant your intervention. AI rates conversations so you know which dialogs to pay attention to first. It even “understands” the general mood of the conversation, the customer, and the employee. Predicts the likelihood of a purchase.
  4. Improve the quality of service with less effort. You will receive tips on the best next steps after each conversation. Also, the transcript of the most successful dialogues is a good basis for training beginners.
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