What do you receive by paying for Ringostat? Price justification

Alina Ostapenko
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There is no logic in evaluating business tools by the criteria of “Expensive” or “Cheap.” It all depends on whether the product solves your tasks and what opportunities it provides. In this article, we will tell you what you receive by paying for each Ringostat product. Read below what is included in their cost.

What do you receive by paying for Ringostat

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  1. What do all users receive?
  2. Call tracking
  3. Virtual PBX
  4. Callback
  5. End-to-end analytics
  6. Ringostat Smart Phone

What do all users receive?

There are cheaper and more expensive platforms than Ringostat on the market. But the price fully depends on the product. You might overpay someone for a brand name, and you might also save money, so don’t get a full version of the feature. Imagine what will happen if dozens of customers won’t be able to reach you, and tech support will answer for hours. Or there will be an error in the statistics, and you mistakenly invest most of your money in non-working ads.

At Ringostat, telephony and statistics operate due to the work of a large team, constant updates, servers, etc. And, of course, all these things influence the cost of the product. That’s the only way for a platform to work perfectly and be useful. Let’s consider what our clients receive, regardless of the product that they select. 


Technical support

On average, it takes two minutes for our tech support to answer a client’s request. We also have a customer success department. It makes sure you achieve great results with Ringostat.

We thoroughly monitor the quality of service:

  • all employees are certified before working with clients;
  • sales reps are interested in a quick response as their KPI system is built on this;
  • heads of the departments make sure that clients are satisfied with the communication with employees.


Reliable connection

We have made sure that any breakdowns on the providers’ side do not affect your work. Ringostat is the only service that is not connected to a specific provider during inbound and outbound calls, as we have two or three of them for each region. We also have back up servers and directions. In case of a breakdown, you won’t even notice anything.


Free updates

Every month we release dozens of updates. In a dedicated category on the blog and newsletter, we describe only those that are visible to clients. But in fact, there are many more. Even though they might be “hidden,” they affect the stability of the platform and future global updates. Since last September:

  • we released 575 updates;
  • the developers’ team spent 5 574 hours to create them.

You get the upgraded version for free. 

All the things above are crucial points that affect the cost of Ringostat in general. Now let’s figure out what is included in the cost of separate products and how it is formed.


Why is Ringostat’s paying principle comfy?

1. You only pay for what you use. The more products you connect, the less you pay for each one.

Exaple of Ringostat pricing


2. Payment for each product is written off on a daily basis and depends on the volume of usage. If you use more, the price will automatically be higher. If you use less, you will pay less exactly the next day. This scheme is fair and transparent.

3. Write-offs according to the “pay as you go” scheme. You top up the account, depending on the expected usage. Ringostat calculates the sum automatically based on the current volume. So you do not overpay if you have used a small volume.

Example of the cost calculation


4. You can easily shorten or expand the list of options you use. This is available in your Ringostat account. It also displays the expected date until which the project will be active. And again, everything depends on the volume that you use.

Here’s a simplified example. The client paid for six months, and Ringostat added the sum to the project’s balance, including the bonus for long-term payment. Once a day from this balance, the system write-offs the sum depending on the volume of usage: products, call forwarding, numbers, connection.


The process of write-off

The write-off for the past day happens post-factum, the next day at 00:01. For example, if today is September 20, then the write-off that includes numbers and products for this day will occur tomorrow on September 21. In your Ringostat account, the notification will appear on the needed day, in other words, September 20. The write-off for outbound connection and call forwarding happens instantly. But due to the movement of funds, the total amount of costs also appears the next day.


Call tracking

Ringostat call tracking includes:

  • static, dynamic, and combined substitution — check the article for more information;
  • automatic calculation of numbers for substitution; 
  • basic reports that are available by default and the ability to create your own based on 30+ parameters; Custom reports based on 30+ parameters
  • all Ringostat integrations — now there are ready-made integrations with 30+ services: web analytics systems, CRM, CMS, advertising accounts, etc.
  • included five places for substituted numbers — the numbers itself are paid separately.


Let’s consider the last point. Five places or slots means that you can connect exactly that quantity of numbers with a call tracking starting cost of $ 59. If you need more slots for numbers, they are paid additionally. After all, this is an extra load on the servers that need to be serviced.

The advantage of Ringostat is that we continue to calculate the number of required phone numbers all the time, and not just while connecting, like other services. As the accuracy of statistics directly depends on this fact. An algorithm is responsible for calculating the numbers. It analyzes the amount of traffic and shows recommendations for how many phone numbers are needed, in fact.

Call tracking Pools in your Ringostat account

Go to Call tracking — Pools in your Ringostat account to verify the required number of phone numbers, considering groups (pools) 


1. With dynamic call tracking, the number of phone numbers depends on the volume of traffic on your site. Traffic counts only for those sources that are dynamically tracked. It means that if you use dynamic call tracking for paid advertising only, then we count and write-off only for this traffic, and not for all.

2. With static call tracking, the quantity of phone numbers depends on the number of advertising sources. If you use combined call tracking, then the static slots are added to the recommended number of dynamic pool slots, by forming the total price.

Call tracking has an additional feature. It’s a button to hide the number, which is displayed to some users. It is needed to improve the accuracy of statistics during traffic surges. By hiding the number, you save phone numbers for substitution. All in all, only those people who decided to make a call will see them.

Such a button costs $ 30 for 30 days, regardless of the volume of usage. But we provide it for free if up to 30% of the pool is reserved. In other words, you can choose what percentage of numbers will be in reserve. In the case when the number of free phone numbers in the pool is less than or equal to the reserve one, the user who visits the site will see a button that hides numbers. There have to be at least two numbers in a pool. If you select 100% reserved numbers, then the button will be shown to all site visitors instead of the phone number.

Thus, you can collect accurate statistics during traffic surges without additional phone numbers.


Virtual PBX

1. Five workplaces are included in a basic cost of a virtual PBX of $ 39 — additional places; in other words, SIP accounts are paid separately. Each extra place will cost $ 3.

2. Flexible settings for inbound and outbound connection scenarios:

  • make call forwarding on several directions, set up voice menu, answering machine, call queue, etc.;
  • set up a single number to be displayed for an outbound call from you to a certain direction — country or country + operator;
  • set a single number to be displayed when calling from a specific SIP account;
  • block outbound calls from a specific SIP account.

3. Reserve directions and servers in case of a breakdown at the provider side.

4. All Ringostat integrations.



In Ringostat, you get a callback form at a fixed price — $ 39. It does not depend on the volume of usage. You will only need to pay extra for additional slots for callback numbers.

1. 15 callback form design options included.

2. Customization of the widget shape and placement.

Callback customization example


3. A detailed report on calls via callback and their sources.

4. Automatic processing of any online forms on the website and on social networks. The callback can be triggered automatically as soon as the user has filled out the form on the page. For example, when he fills out an online application.

5. Antispam for a callback form.

The callback is branded by Ringostat, but you can remove the branding for $ 30 per month. We can also develop an individual callback form for you.


End-to-end analytics

  1. The basic price of $ 39 includes up to 500 sessions per day. Each extra session is paid additionally. The cost of additional sessions calculates dynamically using a logarithmic formula — the more traffic, the lower is the cost of a session.
  2. Import of costs from ad accounts — Google Ads, Yandex.Direct, Facebook, Instagram.
  3. Automatic import of revenue from the CRM.
  4. Flexible settings for attribution models.
  5. The ability to manually import costs from third-party systems.
  6. Settings of time decay.

To better understand each of the points — read the detailed article “Ringostat end-to-end analytics changes its beta-testing status — receive even more opportunities.”

Example of the end-to-end analytics report

Example of the end-to-end analytics report

Ringostat Smart Phone

Ringostat Smart Phone is an intelligent in-browser phone. As this is a communication tool, it works on the basis of a virtual PBX. Therefore, the cost of the Ringostat Smart Phone is summed up with the PBX.

  1. It includes three workplaces of $ 39. In total, with virtual PBX, it’s 49 $. Additional places in Ringostat Smart Phone are paid separately; each one costs $ 7.
  2. The opportunity to work with calls in the Google Chrome browser. Including making calls in one click from any site or from a CRM deal card with a phone number.
  3. Includes Ringostat Insider — an interface that displays detailed information on the calling customer. Advertisement and request that brought him, how many times he had already called, when he was on the site for the first time, etc. Ringostat Insider requires call tracking.
  4. Ringostat Messenger is included. It’s an interface for processing requests from different messengers in one interface. Supports Telegram, Viber, and Messenger.
  5. All Ringostat integrations. First of all, a connection with CRM will be useful. You can open it in one click from Ringostat Smart Phone. Also, information about the customer’s name is driven from the CRM system if he is already in the database.

Example of the Ringostat Smart Phone work


Example of the Ringostat Smart Phone work

IMPORTANT: Ringostat Smart Phone can’t contain more employees than virtual PBX.

To sum up

Payment for Ringostat is based on a transparent scheme. And it is created the way so that the platform works reliably, constantly updated, and you get a stable and high result.

  1. We have fast and motivated technical support. Managers answer in less than two minutes, which is a very important metric in the telephony industry. And not all services can have such a speed of reaction.
  2. Ringostat has technologies that ensure communication reliability and statistics accuracy. This is an algorithm that constantly checks if there are enough numbers for substitution, a button to hide the phone on the site, and much more.
  3. You pay exactly for the volume that you use. This allows you not to overpay if you had less traffic on the site.
  4. In your Ringostat account, you can easily expand and reduce the volume of usage. You can clearly see what is included in your payment, so you can control it. 
  5. Ringostat pricing includes free updates and flexible settings for all tools. You can be sure that our technical support will not leave you on your own with all the settings that might be complicated. We will either do it on our own or provide you with the most detailed instructions, in case if you want to customize something by yourself.

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