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How to prepare for Ringostat AI Supervisor implementation

Ringostat AI Supervisor is a service that allows you to control 100% of meaningful conversations with customers, freeing up your team’s time for other important work. As part of it, our developers digitize the work of a supervisor of a particular company. So, you will receive the highest quality analysis in accordance with your business processes. But this requires the participation of the business itself. Find out what information you need when implementing AI to maximize its benefits.

Ringostat AI Supervisor is a service that helps control the sales department and improve the quality of service. Artificial intelligence takes into account the company’s scripts, rules, and instructions. Based on these, it can fully control the processing of conversations.

Among the advantages of Ringostat AI Supervisor:

You can read more about this service on the website or in the article “Ringostat AI Supervisor: Analyze 100% of customer conversations with artificial intelligence”.

3 possible scenarios for setting up Ringostat AI Supervisor 

  1. The company has already built a process of service quality control. This is an ideal option when you can train Ringostat AI Supervisor as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this case, just collect the information we list below and provide it to our developers.
  2. Businesses have only conversation scripts. This can also be used effectively. However, in this case, you must communicate more with our developers to decide how to train AI. The Ringostat team has extensive experience working with 77 business niches, so we can advise you the best settings.
  3. The company does not have any scripts and regulations for call processing yet. In this case, it will be difficult to customize AI. It will have no criteria for evaluating calls and no training materials. We will try our best, but it is better to develop at least scripts first. By the way, consulting companies can help with this. Contact our partner managers; they will choose a reliable contractor for you.

However, the first step to implementing Ringostat AI Supervisor is to click the Connect button on our website or contact us via chat 🙂. 

What you need to implement Ringostat AI Supervisor

Understanding the language in which artificial intelligence will analyze and decipher the conversation

First, decide in which language you would like to receive AI results. The following options are possible:

You can also select one of eight languages for call analysis. But if the language you need is not in the list, you need to ask our developers, and it is very likely that it will be added. 

If you order the Ringostat AI Supervisor service, we will customize the option you require. Just let us know what you require. 

💡 Analyse 100% of customer conversations with artificial intelligence

We will train Ringostat AI Supervisor to perform the tasks of your business

Conversation scripts

This is the main thing that underlies artificial intelligence training. If it has to analyze the conversations of several departments, provide the conversation scenarios of each department. Similarly, if you sell various products and services and have a different conversation scenario for each case.

For example, we have a client for whom Ringostat AI Supervisor analyzes calls according to three scenarios and 90+ criteria. The artificial intelligence understands what service is being discussed in the conversation and sets the necessary criteria for evaluating the call. 

The screenshot below is an example of a checklist that Ringostat AI Supervisor uses to evaluate a call. It is based on a script for a specific service. Artificial intelligence makes sure that the sales rep asks all the questions from the conversation script.

Stages in which conversations are divided into

If you have a script, you can easily divide it into conditional stages, each of which needs to be analyzed. This is necessary for the company representative to build and control the conversation according to the business needs. Accordingly, different points need to be analyzed at each stage. 

Classically, a conversation is divided into the following stages:

Of course, the stages may differ depending on the specifics of your business. For example, for one of our clients, an IT course provider, the stages of a conversation look like this:

A fragment of the ToR that describes the stages of conversations and the mandatory actions of the consultant during them

Sales rep evaluation system

The employee can receive 1 point for each correct action at the appropriate stage. However, it is better to use a more complex assessment of the team’s work. For example, closing a deal depends more on whether the consultant scheduled a follow-up call than on whether he or she asked, “Is it convenient for you to talk now?”.

So analyze each stage and think about its evaluation. Or you can do it together with our developers. If the consultant did everything right, he or she earns the corresponding point, if they made a mistake or skipped a stage, the point is deducted. Here are some examples of the assessment:

The score for each point is the total score for the conversation. The score for several conversations is the sales rep’s score:

💬 Improve service and increase sales with Ringostat AI Supervisor

Artificial intelligence trained on your instructions and conversation scripts can replace a supervisor.

No language barrier — AI knows 50+ languages, transcribes and translates all conversations for easy analysis.

Internal rules, if any

Each business has its own peculiarities and taboos that AI can also take into account. Think about what phrases an employee should or should not say. And artificial intelligence will record how the consultant behaved in a separate section of the report.

Here’s an example. One of Ringostat’s clients is a Bulgarian real estate agency. Bulgarian law prohibits a client from buying a home worth more than 10,000 euros in cash. The agency wanted to see how the manager would react when the buyer offered such an option. This way, artificial intelligence helped to understand whether the team complied with the law and company rules. 

To summarize: how to implement Ringostat AI Supervisor 

  1. Go to the website and click the “Connect” button or write to the chat.
  2. Talk to our sales reps and tell us what tasks artificial intelligence should solve for you.
  3. Prepare what you have from the above: conversation scripts, internal rules, dialog stages, etc.
  4. If you don’t have any of these, our team will work with you to think about how best to customize the analysis based on the available materials and what tasks need to be addressed.
  5. After implementation, the testing stage will follow. If necessary, we will change the settings to make the AI show even better results. This stage requires a lot of involvement from the client to achieve the best results.
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