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Digest of Ringostat updates for September 2020

In September, we launched notifications when you don’t have enough substituted numbers in the pools. We added a quick restart button to Ringostat Smart Phone. Moreover, our platform can now receive data on video ads’ costs and process variables in Facebook UTM tags.

Data on costs on video ads in end-to-end analytics

Ringostat end-to-end analytics automatically calculates ROI by summarizing cost data from ad accounts and profit from CRM. It now also receives data about costs per YouTube video ads.

How does it work? The customer clicks on the ad on YouTube and goes to the user’s site to call the company. Ringostat associates a user’s conversion with the cost from Google Ads and displays this in reports.

data on calls

The data is transferred from the Video Performance Google Ads report. It includes statistics for the improved Ads account for video campaigns. Our platform drives the following data:

  • campaign;
  • device;
  • date;
  • cost.

This way, you can find out the cost recovery of standard ads and video campaigns if you have them launched. This is a great advantage, considering that there is a stereotype that a video’s impact is not easy to evaluate. You can also manage bids right in the end-to-end analytics interface. It is enough to click the “Play” button in the recommended bid column.

Sending emails about the lack of numbers in pools

A sufficient quantity of numbers for substitution is a guarantee of accurate statistics. Therefore, we have a special mechanism that regularly checks if there are enough phone numbers in each pool. It also displays recommendations for the quantity. Go to Call TrackingPool numbers section to check it out:

sending email about lack of numbers

We understand that there is not always enough time to monitor such moments, so we have developed a notification system. If you want to receive notifications, make sure that you configured everything in the General SettingsAlerts section:

How to set up alerts in Ringostat account

The email sends once a week under the following conditions:

  • the last letter about the lack of numbers was sent seven or more days ago;
  • at least one of the project pools lacks a certain number of phone numbers.

If you monitor such emails, you are guaranteed not to forget that you need to add numbers to the pool. This means that your statistics will always be as accurate as possible. Contact our tech support to add numbers.


Integration with Facebook: handling variables in UTM tags

Integration with Facebook: handling variables in UTM tags

This update also applies to end-to-end analytics, as it can drive data on costs from the Facebook ad account. To transfer costs for promotion in this system, you need to activate the integration.

Facebook allows you to use URL parameters when setting up ads on this social network. The values are set automatically based on information provided during ad setup and data on your ad’s displays.

Starting from September, Ringostat can recognize variables in such marks:

  • {{ad.id}};
  • {{adset.id}}; 
  • {{campaign.id}};
  • {{campaign.name}};
  • {{ad.name}};
  • {{adset.name}}.

Now users who use URL parameters on Facebook will understand the cost recovery of a particular ad.


Ringostat Smart Phone quick restart button

Ringostat Smart Phone — intelligent in-browser phone. It allows you to make and receive calls with just one click.

Now, in case of any bug in the extension, it can be quickly restarted in a couple of clicks. Just right-click on the application icon on the quick launch bar:

Ringostat Smart Phone quick restart button

In the opened context menu, you will see the option “Restart Ringostat Smart Phone.” After clicking on it, the extension will automatically reload, and you will be able to make and receive calls again. You don’t need to reinstall the Ringostat Smart Phone to do so.

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