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Digest of Ringostat updates for November 2019

Updates of the Analytics section and page with the callback form settings. Management of the action “Create call” for projects that use CRM for e-commerce. Opportunity to set the location in the call forwarding scheme to the responsible manager for the integration with the CRM system. Stay tuned and read below about the most crucial Ringostat updates for November 2019.

We will start with the update that you have probably noticed if you are reading this article 🙂 We have updated both header and footer on the blog. Now it is easy to transfer to the Ringostat website, open your account, subscribe to a newsletter or call our sales reps. Let’s move to other updates.

  1. Analytics section updates: opportunity to download reports and visualization via charts.
  2. Call forwarding to the responsible manager for the integration with the CRM.
  3. Updated page of the callback form settings. 

1. Analytics section updates

Opportunity to download reports

Now reports in the Analytics section can be downloaded and not viewed only. This will allow working with data in spreadsheets if you are used to doing so. It is also useful to download reports for clients in the CSV format. How to download a report? Open Analytics section and in the right upper corner click “Download report”. 

Opportunity to download reports, ringostat updates

Just to remind you: the “End-to-end analytics” report is placed in this section and data on ROI is as well available in other reports of the section. Connect end-to-end analytics and test it 14 days for free — the opportunity to download the required data is included.

Visualization via charts

The information is easier to perceive as charts become available in the section. You can rely on the curve that displays the dynamic of the needed metric. Click on one or several metrics and they will be displayed on the chart. Parameters that you haven’t chosen are colored in grey.

Visualization via charts example, ringostat updates

This allows quickly evaluating whether ROI increases or decreases, what happens to the cost per calls from customers, how investments in ad campaigns and the number of calls change. The table that was shown in reports of the Analytics section didn’t disappear. It’s simply displayed under the chart.

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2. Call forwarding to the responsible manager for the integration with the CRM

When there is integration with the CRM system, calls are forwarding to the responsible manager. In other words, the employee who has previously communicated with the customer and is responsible for the deal. This process is updated now.

Go to Virtual PBX section — Call forwarding scheme. A responsible manager is a new location that is available besides the basic ones.

The update works for projects that have enabled integrations with the following CRM:

While choosing the location by the responsible manager, it is possible to set the principle by which Ringostat will search for the needed employee. There are two options: by the one who is responsible for contact and the one for the deal. You can select in which order the service will be searching for the responsible person.

Ringostat will show exactly the entities that are presented in your CRM: contact or lead, deal, etc. If the responsible one for the entity won’t be found, the call will be forwarded to the following location in the scheme. It will be ended if locations are absent.

The advantages: 

  • Ringostat instantly connects a customer with the employee that has already talked to him and knows all the details of the deal — this increases the loyalty;
  • you can flexibly configure locations as well as by which principle to search for the responsible manager.

3. Updated page of the callback form settings

We have changed the design of the page with the callback settings so it will be comfy for you to customize it in one section. Open Settings section — Callback settings. Here you can also deactivate the widget if you don’t want it to be displayed on your website. To do so, simply clear the checkbox next to the Activate callback widget. You can also go to view settings and customize the widget style.

Example of the callback form optimization, ringostat updates

Want to apply any of the updates mentioned above but don’t know how? Text the chat on the right below and our specialist will help you with that.

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