Call tracking for CRM: Ringostat in Pipedrive Marketplace

Katya Chubuk
15.12.20171,560 views Write the first comment

Pipedrive is known as sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions.

Actually, we can say that Pipedrive has decent ambitions. Just imagine, it has about 100 integrations with different tools.

To help users manage various Pipedrive apps with ease, this CRM launched the Marketplace where you can find Ringostat call tracking. 


New Marketplace is a unified solution to install and manage all extra business tools in one place. There you can find the description, screenshots of the interface and links to additional information of each service which has the integration with Pipedrive.

Marketplace keeps all tools on their handy integration page and allows to adopt new apps.

The services in Marketplace are pretty different but they have the same goal of boosting the sales process.

To find Marketplace, head on over to Settings —  Apps & integrations —  Go to the Marketplace.

Also, you can follow this link.


Which advantages does Pipedrive Marketplace deliver?

  1. You have a clear overview of the tools at your disposal, and what you might be missing.
  2. You can view and evaluate available apps with ease. The directory of integrable tools is constantly expanding. The Marketplace will keep you informed about the newest services for boosting sales.
  3. Adopting new apps based on your changing needs becomes simple.

Ringostat is the first call tracking service which was integrated with Pipedrive CRM. You can find it in this new Marketplace as well.  


By the way, when working with clients our company goes with Pipedrive as great CRM. Certainly, we use this CRM in integration with our call tracking service, because it’s useful way to optimize the business workflow of companies wherein clients prefer to call. To learn more details you can in our post Meet new Ringostat & Pipedrive integration.

Get a look at the opportunities of this integration.

 Ringostat & Pipedrive will let you:

  1. Push call data to the deal card in Pipedrive. When your client calls, the new tasks are automatically created whatever the status of the call is —  answered or missed. To equally distribute the volume of the sales department, the system assigns a responsible manager for each deal as well as for missed call.
  2. Send all call information, including a phone number, contact, status, time of waiting on line to Pipedrive and attach it to appropriate deal. In the Pipedrive interface, you can listen to call recordings.
  3. Automatically add call source, channel, campaign and keyword to Pipedrive.
  4. Add comments to deals, contacts or entities with links to call recordings.

Here’s the example how call tracking data looks in CRM. 


That was a brief review of the integration. However, its opportunities are actually way greater that you might think.

Request demo to see how it works in action.



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