October Improvements — New Payment Method and More Opportunities to Contact Us

Katya Chubuk
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What do you associate with October? Rainy weather, nostalgia, and tea? For Mexicans, this month is associated with sweets and gifts because in the end of October they celebrate Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead). It’s one of the most meaningful Mexican holidays, that’s why Mexicans have been preparing for it during a whole year.

You know, we’ve also been preparing for the end of October to make you happier. Don’t be afraid. 😉 We aren’t going to present you the bread of the dead and sugar skulls.

Our gifts are helpful updates for the successful and efficient using Ringostat.

Let’s take a deeper dive into that.

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Payment by card













From now on, Ringostat clients can pay by Visa or MasterCard online. Payments are made via Stripe, service for sending payments via the Internet.

Let’s consider the example. To pay for a month of using our service by card, Ringostat user clicks on Funds —  Add funds at his account. Our service keeps this data. 3-5 days prior to expiry, our client receives the email that the automatic recurring payment will be done. If he doesn’t mind, it will happen. If the customer would pay for 3 months by lump sum payment, the next automatic recurring payment would have been done for this term. In other words, the validity of your projects at Ringostat is extended according to your tariff plan.

We launched this option to provide you with continuous call analytics. Because if you forget to pay for our service, your project can be sent to archive.

You may cancel recurring payment at any moment going to Funds — Payment Methods at your Ringostat account.

Updates in integration with amoCRM


Thanks to this update, when you get an incoming call, you’ll see a notification. There are two kinds of this pop-up window.

  1. If a new customer calls, you will see his number and the task Create a contact in the window. To create new contact, just click on this task. The pop-up window will be shown only to managers added to forwarding scheme.
  2. When an existing customer calls, the window will show you his contacts (name and phone number). You may click on Open contact and view his contact card in CRM-system. This window will be shown to the manager who is responsible for this deal.

As result, the manager will understand how to build a conversation with a client looking at details of the deal.

More opportunities to contact us

Копия дизайна Основные

It’s always important to have the fast communication channel on the website if users want to ask something regarding the using of service. That’s why we have a chat with technical support of Ringostat. Unfortunately, sometimes browser or Adblock extension may block this chat as advertising pop-up window. Therefore, in the case of chat blocking, you’ll see the pop-up notification that to see a chat, you should add ringostat.com to an exception list.

Also, we have a chat on the web page of the online calculator. This calculator helps determine RORI (Return on Ringostat investments).

We don’t recommend call tracking to companies for which enabling of Ringostat isn’t profitable. That’s why we give you the opportunity to manually calculate your possible ROI before communication with our managers.

But anyway if during the process of calculation you’ll have some questions, you may сonnect with our support team on the same web page.


We hope you enjoyed our updates.  If you have questions, please ask in the chat or email us at [email protected].




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