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March Updates

Last month our developers worked really hard. In result, all the March updates are definitely cool. To be honest, it was even complicated to choose the best ones. Read on and hurry up to try them. Our Customer Support will help you with it 😉 


 1. Simplified registration in Ringostat


The registration took a lot of efforts and time before. Users had to go through six stages when creating a project before they entered Ringostat account. They had to specify lots of data and SIP numbers.

Since March this complicated process has gotten easier. That’s enough to add a new project and specify information in the opened window. Here’s the example.


After that users have the access to their accounts. They are able to activate free trial by pushing the orange button.

Why it’s important

  1. You may easier and faster activate Ringostat.
  2. You can explore our service before configuration.
  3. You may register a project even if you don’t have SIP numbers. Then Ringostat may provide you with them.   

2. Callback widget updates: the option to choose a direction and ready-made design


In March, we released 2 updates regarding callback widget.

  1. Ready-made drafts of callback widget. They are designed to accelerate and simplify its configuration. They are available in 3 languages (English, Russian, Ukrainian). 3new 
  2. Option to choose a direction. When a customer requested a phone call via callback widget, this phone call was assigned to the sales rep. Then he was connected to the client. However, this scheme wasn’t appropriate for many companies. Therefore, we decided to add the option to choose the direction. Say, a user has a virtual PBX with voicemail. In this case, it’s more comfortable for him to assign a call to the client and then provide him with the opportunity to choose a necessary department. That’s why the option to choose direction is crucial. 

3. A simple search for phone numbers in the project


It would seem not such important update, but actually, it simplifies work a lot. Real estate agencies or large chains of stores usually have dozens of phone numbers. So this update is especially relevant to them. Now in the section Virtual PBX – Connect phone numbers you can search by following parameters:

  • SIP login;
  • SIP gateway;
  • phone number;
  • call forwarding scheme. 



Do you have questions about March updates? Don’t keep the silence. Ask us and find the appropriate solution.

Our Customer Support is always ready to help you.

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