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February Updates: integration with Brainify, confirmation via callback widget and search in forwarding schemes

Finally, winter is over. As you know, February is the shortest month. To be honest, it required a lot of efforts to do many things for such short period. However, now we are really proud of our updates. Discover and implement them 😉


Integration with Brainify


Brainify is an intelligent custom tailored business suit that comprises of CRM, ERP, Supply Chain Management, and Sales Force Automation modules. The integration of CRM with call tracking is always a must-have tool.

For this reason, in February we decided to release integration with this platform. Many developers and other representatives of real estate niche use the call tracking on the regular basis.

You can enable the integration in your Ringostat account. Also, you may go to the knowledge base to read a detailed information about integration set up if you want to enable it without our help. However, we are also ready to provide you a support.


The integration allows:

  1. To send data on call status (inbound, missed, target), length, time of waiting on line, phone number of a caller to CRM.
  2. Transfer information about advertising source which brought a customer to call.
  3. Get call recordings.  

Call confirmation via callback widget


If you still don’t know what callback is and which advantages it provides, read this post first.

Usually, most interested clients use this way to contact companies. Therefore, the more qualitatively you process these inquiries, the more successful sales you may get.

This update is relevant for those who use virtual PBX with configured IVR (interactive voice response) and audio greeting.

In this case, when getting a callback request, PBX sends the call to the person who ordered it.

So when a client receives a call, he hears audio greeting or music instead of sales rep’s voice. Actually, it’s kinda confusing because a client is interested in communication with a manager but not listening to configured voice recordings.

To avoid this, we released the update. It works in the following ways:

  1. The company gets the call via callback widget.
  2. Sales rep answers and listens to audio notification via callback widget.
  3. Thanks to additional Ringostat IVR, a sales rep can push the button  «1»  to confirm that he’s ready to answer the call.
  4. PBX connects a rep to a client, then they can talk. 

Thus, a client gets the call when a sales rep is ready for communication. Of course, this feature is crucial for increasing the service quality. To implement this update, you need to upload the audio notification in mp3 or wav format. Our Customer Support will take care of the rest.

Search in forwarding schemes

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Sometimes projects have many forwarding schemes. For example, a real estate agency needs to forward calls to 20 managers separately because each of them is responsible for a certain real estate object.

In such a case, the search and editing of forwarding schemes may be complicated. We decided to simplify this process for our clients and added the option of search in schemes. Now, you just need to enter the name of the scheme in the upper right corner. 


Stay strong this spring. Remember that the call analytics is a good way to provide your company with hot sales.

To activate call tracking, contact our Customer Support via chat. 

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