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Call Tracking Day is Coming — Get Armed with Our Gifts in the Struggle with Competitors

Do you know about Call Tracking Day? This year we continue the tradition to celebrate this meaningful holiday. Like, true knights of analytics, we struggle for intelligent advertising investments and effective business promotion. Justice matters for us,  that’s why we track lazy sales managers and negligent advertisers. Today we are happy to present discounts in favor of Call Tracking Day.

Call Tracking Day is celebrated on 30th of September. Why not begin preparation now?

It’s been awhile, but let’s remember how companies worked without call tracking service. 

Call tracking became the miracle in analytics world. Over 5 years, we have been working on optimization of business workflow and automation of communication with clients.

In our blog, we explain how to boost sales cycles using call tracking and determine the efficiency of your advertising channels. Also, we share with you our way to hold customers on the line despite the high call center volume and convert website visitors into clients.

Okay. Let’s get back to the subject at hand.

Call Tracking Day is coming soon. That’s why we’ve prepared special gifts for you:

  • 35% discount for the 1-year plan;
  • 50% discount for the 3-year plan. 

What you need to get a discount:

  • explore pricing. If you’re not our client, fill out the form to start using Ringostat.
  • If you have a configured project at Ringostat, choose Funds — Add funds.

Our offer is available until 30th of September.

Advantages for a company:

  • Saving money. The longer the paid period is — the more tangible benefit you receive.
  • Saving time. Bookkeeper doesn’t need to pay bills and issue documents every month
  • Planning. You’re able to plan costs and make long-term forecasts.

Advantages for a marketing specialist:

  • Practicality. You don’t need to regularly conform and control the payment for the service.
  • Safety. Data and history are kept in one system that provides stable work with analytical data.
  • Sterling work. The longer you use the one system, the deeper you can study its features.

If you have any questions, just ask us in chat on our website.

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