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Digest of Ringostat updates for June 2020

In June, Ringostat released a global update for end-to-end analytics. Now you can manage your bids without leaving an account of the platform. We also have a new integration with CRM. Read about this and other updates in the latest digest.

1. Google Ads campaigns management in the interface of Ringostat end-to-end analytics

This update will save time and help you easily manage paid advertising. Functionality is still at the stage of opened beta testing, so you can write any questions, suggestions, and feedback to chat on the site or to [email protected].

Imagine the average work of a PPC specialist or marketer with analytics. Let’s suppose a user sees that a particular campaign gives weak financial results. After that, he should go to Google Ads, find a campaign or a specific keyword, and manually change the bid. But to do so, he must first figure out the optimal bid so that the advertisement pays off, predict the conversion rate, average check size, and the cost recovery of the new bid. All these things take time. Ringostat update will allow you to use this valuable resource for other, more tasks.

What gives you Ringostat’s update

  1. Time-saving. No need to switch between different services to manage bids on Google.
  2. The ability to make instant changes so that the company does not incur losses. Ringostat allows you to immediately notice if any ad is not relevant and adjust bids. So your campaigns won’t be loss-making, while you track the data.
  3. Convenient work with paid advertising. Due to a clear interface, you can easily find out how to manage bids. Simply make one click to do so. 

How it works

  1. In order to be able to manage bids, you must have Ringostat end-to-end analytics and integration with Google Ads connected and configured.
  2. 2. Go to your Ringostat account, Analytics section — Your reports.
  3. 3. Click on “Create Report”.
  4. 4. While creating a report, you will see a new selector — “Recommended bid”. Choose the fields that will be displayed in the report.
Google Ads campaigns management in the interface of Ringostat end-to-end analytics, ringostat updates

5. After creating the report, you will also see the current bid for each campaign, and even by the keyword.

If you have any questions about the configuration or the work of the feature, write to the chat on the website. We will also be glad to receive any feedback about using this tool.

IMPORTANT: data selection and getting by the following metrics are available if integration with Google Ads is activated in the project and Ads account of the project is added to the Ringostat MCC account.

Let’s consider options that you can add.

  1. Current bid for a keyword in Google Ads.
  2. Recommended bid. We recommend choosing a metric along with the “Keyword” parameter. The recommended bid for the keyword is calculated based on the data in the account, target CPA, margin, and conversion forecast. In case of a big difference, more than 50%, we recommend raising your bid step by step in the Google Ads interface.
  3. Delta is the difference between the current and recommended bids.
  4. Conversion rate forecast. It is calculated based on the statistics accumulated on the project.
  5. Average bill forecast. It is also calculated based on statistics accumulated on the project.

In the example below, you see a report that can be created with the “Recommended bid” indicator included. Next to the campaigns and keywords, a green button is displayed that looks like a “Play” button. By clicking on it, you can automatically apply the recommended bid without visiting Google Ads.

Similarly, the service recommends lowering bids. The ones that are worth lowering are written in red and there is also a red down arrow.

If you are interested in this update but have any questions, please contact our technical support. We’ll help you set everything up and explain how to work with bid recommendations.

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2. Ringostat and Zoho CRM integration

Zoho CRM is the tenth CRM integrated with Ringostat. We are constantly expanding this list so that you can easily automate the sales department, no matter which system you use for work with deals.

This CRM system is an online platform that brings together management of sales, marketing, and tech support. Due to the integration with Ringostat, data on calls are transferred to Zoho CRM and events that you set automatically occur. For example, when there is a missed call, the responsible sales rep will receive the task to “Call back” with a deadline.

Advantages of Ringostat and Zoho CRM integration 

  1. Data on calls transfer to Zoho CRM. After a customer contacts a company, the system will automatically create leads, tasks, and deals.
  2. Improving the level of service, due to the control of the sales department. Audio recordings of all conversations with a customer are attached to the deal — the manager can listen to these calls at any time.
  3. Understanding of ads that drive leads. CRM displays information about the advertising source of the phone call.
Ringostat and Zoho CRM integration, ringostat updates

And the most important thing that you can customize the integration logic specifically for your business processes. To do so, just go to the Integration — Ready-to-use integrations section, select Zoho CRM and, after setting up, open the “Integration Scenarios” section. You will see there a matrix that allows you to choose what will happen in the CRM at the moment of the call.

You can check the box next to the action you need or simply remove it. Due to the hints that appear when you hover over a question mark, all these things are easy to configure.

Smart logic of the integration, ringostat updates

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3. An extended list of currencies for manual costs import in the Ringostat end-to-end analytics

One of the benefits of Ringostat end-to-end analytics is that you are not limited to the ready-made integrations that our platform has. Due to the manual import of costs, you can download advertising costs from any system and get an automatic ROI calculation. The import configuration process is described in detail in this article.

Now Ringostat users can manually upload costs in 34 currencies. There are the shekel, Singaporean and Canadian dollars, etc. So you can get a ready-made calculation of the profitability of your ad campaigns directly in Ringostat. To do so, you do not have to additionally recount something.

As always, we are ready to help with the implementation of any of the described updates. Just leave a comment or text our tech support in a chat in your account Ringostat.

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