What is the best placement for a referral link?

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Making money on referral programs may seem like mining where opinion leaders start a massive communication. However, the “gold rush” is also about enthusiasts who want to get their reward. We at Ringostat decided to share with you seven mother lodes where you can place a referral link and hit the jackpot.

What is the best placement for a referral link?

Ringostat referral program

This February Ringostat launched the updated referral program. We pay referral partners 15% of the payments from involved clients during the year.

Ringostat referral program

To join the program, register on the Partnerstack platform, and get your personal link.


Where to place referral links for free

Read the rules of the referral program you joined before sharing links. For example, our referral partners are not allowed to launch paid advertising on brand requests “Ringostat” and “Рингостат.” Also, you can’t involve users with spam as well as it is forbidden to share false information about the platform. The requirements of other services may be different, but we will consider below effective promotion options that usually do not contradict the rules.


Personal relations

We do not offer you to turn into people who provide cosmetics their acquaintances all the time. But if a new friend at the conference complains about his virtual PBX, it’s a great chance to offer him a solution.

The main advantage of this promotion method is high conversion. A person would rather believe a friend’s recommendations than the efforts made by marketers and sales reps. A disadvantage is a limited number of people who can be given a recommendation.


Q&A and discussion websites

There are popular websites where people provide their expertise in discussions. The audience usually asks for advice there, so it’s a good place to share referral links. The main thing rule here is not to spam with the link and give an answer to people who are searching for the relevant solution. 

Here are some Q&A websites where you can share your referral link:

Example of the discussion on Reddit

Example of the discussion on Reddit


The audience on such websites is very united. That’s why it is worth talking about abstract topics. Follow the rules, gain karma and users will begin to listen to you. Moreover, don’t forget about moderators that filter spam content. Here are some tips to make your referral link look more organic.

  1. Do not insert a hyperlink. You can write, for example, like that: “Good service at https://ringostat.com/“, instead of “Good service at Ringostat“. Thus, a person instantly sees where he will be transferred, which increases confidence in the link.
  2. Insert your referral link to a simple link that forwards to the home page. Some users may be suspicious of referral links.

How to place a referral link


Groups on social networks

Social networks are great places for sharing referral links. They are created for communication, so it is easy to find a person with a targeted request, and offer him your solution. Join thematic groups, answer people’s questions there, and advise the services you work with. Here is an example of such a question from a group of marketers.

Groups on social networks


But users on social networks search only a few product categories:

  • beauty services;
  • clothes
  • items for the home, etc.

It is very likely that the referral link will be lost in the feed and only a few members will see it.

Another option of promotion on social networks is making posts in specific groups. For example, there are many groups in which users share items that they find on Chinese sites. If it interests someone, the author will receive a bonus according to the referral program.

Create posts on social networks with your referral link


This method is effective for fast, impulsive purchases. Users like the picture, go to the site and buy it. But can’t say how useful it will be for complex B2B products.


Guest posts 

Many media and blogs allow you to post links in articles by guest authors. In this case, both sides win — moderators receive content from experts, and the author receives clicks by the link from interested users. To place a guest post, search for the “Write to us” section in the sites of interest and follow the instructions there. In the case of blogs, most likely, you will need to write to the editor and describe in brief the future article.

We at Ringostat also accept guest posts so you can see our requirements below as they might be also used by other blogs: 

Ringostat's requirements for guest posts

Here you can also read our article for guest posts contribution to discover and understand some general rules that you may find at other blogs and media. 

Make sure you checked some media and blogs that accept guest posts:


Content promotion websites

This one differs from guest posting as you have free access to publications. Thus, there is usually no need to ask for permission and correspond to each blog’s rules. However, you can’t make a post and wait for thousands of people to click on the link. There work the same rules as we described above for Q&A and discussion websites: keep in mind that you have to be an active user, commentator, and writer.

Here are some content publishing websites that you can use to place the referral link:

Example of the publication on MediumExample of the publication on Medium


Email broadcasts

This tip will work for people who already have their blog with articles or at least a list with emails of your audience. Thus, you can send them an email broadcast. Moreover, the Campaign Monitor study proves that people are six times more likely to click the email rather than a Tweet.

Here you can see an example of the email newsletter where Grammarly site offers a 40% discount for a premium subscription to the service.

Example of the email broadcast


Coupon websites

Not each of these sites is visited by millions of users, but the relevant audience may also be there. However, it is likely that the ad will be declined by moderators, so carefully study the rules of the selected services.

Example of the referral offers on the coupon and promo code websiteExample of the referral offers on the coupon and promo code website


To sum up

  1. To receive income from a referral program, you do not have to be an opinion leader with a multimillion audience. You can simply share links in relevant places and get the result.
  2. The rules of the Ringostat referral program prohibit the promotion of the service by spam methods. The best way to involve a referral is to find the person who needs the product and share a recommendation.
  3. Q&A services and discussion websites are a great place to place referral links. They ask targeted questions, and the platforms themselves are well optimized for search engines.
  4. Social network users often ask for advice in the communities and groups. Subscribe to several to track relevant queries.
  5. Guest posts in the media or blogs are beneficial for both websites and referral partners. The first one receives quality content, while the latter receives transfers from interested readers.
  6. Content promotion websites are easy to use and you usually don’t need to wait for approval from a moderator to publish the article. 
  7. Email broadcasts are useful when you have the content to share as well as a list of emails from your audience. It is considered that email newsletters are more effective for a promotion that posts on Twitter.
  8. Share the referral link on coupon websites which are also rather popular by users. But make sure you discovered all the rules so your post won’t be declined.


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