6 advantages of Ringostat end-to-end analytics

We continue to tell you about end-to-end analytics that is now available in Ringostat. It is the new level of submersion in data as you are not limited by information on calls and sessions anymore. A user receives automatically calculated ROI. He also understands to which channels it is better to allocate the budget. And it’s not the end of Ringostat end-to-end analytics benefits. Read more on other advantages in the article.

advantages of end-to-end Analytics Ringostat

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Guide on work with Ringostat end-to-end analytics
  • 16.09.2019
  • Olga Feoktistova
  • Hacks

Recently we have released the global update — end-to-end analytics. It is rather different from the same-titled feature of other services. Now you can use the Event-Driven attribution, set weight for different funnel stages as well as the time decay. These things help to receive the most accurate data on the cost recovery of advertisements. Let’s see how to work with the new functionality and how to easily configure it.

end-to-end analytics Ringostat

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Ringostat released end-to-end analytics: find out more about effective and profitable ads
  • 11.09.2019
  • Olga Feoktistova
  • News

The main goal of an advertisement is the profit but not conversions, calls or requests. You are probably losing money if you are still looking for interim targets. However, Ringostat clients won’t face this problem anymore as the end-to-end analytics has appeared on our platform. Find out your advertising budget and profit in one window without complicated calculations and switching between different systems.

утв-to-end analytics ringostat

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