Call analytics

A clue: how Ringostat defines the needed quantity of numbers for substitution

Call tracking is based on phone numbers substitution. That’s why we can claim: not enough numbers mean no accurate call analytics. The maximum accuracy is important in these calculations. Get acquainted with Ringostat’s algorithm. Due to its data, we recommend the quantity of phone numbers for substitution.

how Ringostat defines the needed quantity of numbers for substitution

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5 reasons to use call tracking for an agency or freelance PPC Specialists

A lot of specialists face the same problem. A client comes asking to configure ad campaigns, develop a strategy and increase sales. However, when everything is done, he claims that the advertising is useless, a budget is wasted and there are no leads. Thankfully, call tracking is a way to disprove it and to establish long-term cooperation. Read below about its benefits and types of clients who need call tracking.

Benefits of call tracking for agency and PPC specialist

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Analytics Section of Version 2.0: The Most Important Data On Call Sources
  • 13.06.2018
  • Katya Chubuk
  • News

Recently Ringostat released fully updated Analytics section which allows to work with key data in one tab. This section is primarily designed for marketers, PPC experts and those who need to understand how site traffic is converting into calls. Analytics section is in open beta so we’d like to get your wishes and suggestions.


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