Ringostat Updates: Are You Ready For More Statistics?

Natalya Chumak
19.07.20161,751 views 1

Among our latest updates is visualization of callback statistics, changes in profile settings and new statuses for extension numbers.

Now let’s talk some more about this.

Discover “Callback statistics”

callback statistics

The title speaks for itself: in this section you’ll find the statistics on phone calls made through callback widget. From now on, you can analyze these calls separately and make sure that this functionality drives more calls to your business.

The section is divided into three parts: callback funnel, callback chart and callback statistics.

Callback funnel


As you can see, there’re 5 stages in the funnel. Each one of them shows the number of:

  • Sessions;
  • Callback forms opened;
  • Calls in total;
  • Targeted calls;
  • Unique calls.

You can’t change these stages and their order, because the funnel represents the sequence of actions you expect your users to take. Only a few people of all those who visit your website will make targeted calls. However, you can choose a time period for data analysis.

Callback chart  

Here the numbers from the callback funnel are represented as a chart, so you can choose the type of visualization that is best for you.

график по коллбеку

Callback statistics

Here you’ll see the full callback statistics represented as a table.

The table has two dimensions, and you can choose whether these will be source of the call, channel, campaign, keyword, inbound number, phone number region or answering agent.  Moreover, you can also choose the data you want to see in the table. These can be average call value, answered calls, percentage of calls with agent evaluation, etc. Drag the fields and you’ll change their order in the report.

callback table

You can also apply filters to this table. Look at the the screenshot below. In this case, you’ll see advertising channels and campaigns that led to three targeted calls or more.

callback filters

But there’s something to keep in mind (though not literally, because you can always read the reminders):

  1. You can use only those parameters, which are already selected in displayed data;
  2. Only filters for dimensions will be displayed in charts.

New call statuses

We have added two new statuses for the calls with forwarding to extension numbers.  

  • “Wrong extension”. This status appears when your client enters the wrong extension number. If there’re several attempts to enter the number, it works when the last one is failed.
  • “No extension” – the callers don’t enter the extension numbers at all. Similarly, if they have several attempts to enter the number, the status appears after the last attempt.


New parameters in “Calls statistics”

Include these new fields into your statistics table and chart:

calls statuses

  • Unique calls;
  • Percentage of calls with call value;
  • Percentage of targeted calls with call value;
  • Percentage of calls with agent evaluation;
  • Percentage of unique calls with agent evaluation;

P.S.: In order to make our collaboration more pleasant and effective, we have implemented some changes in your personal information section. More precisely, it’s important for us to know your position in the company. That’s why please fill in the field “Job title”, if you haven’t done this before:)

Be cool and go explore new statistics :)


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