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Ringostat Update: Now The Number of Missed Calls Will Become Even Lesser

Missed call – this is one of the best gifts you can ever give to your competitors, because when a customer calls, and there is no one to answer, the customer moves on to other companies. We developed a useful feature to cope exactly with this problem and minimize the number of missed calls. The timing settings let you choose working hours for every day of the week, so that the callback widget would not appear on your website when your call agents have already left for home. At the same time, calls missed during working hours will be better accounted for. So the system takes this settings into account when displaying the callback widget and when counting the number of missed calls. 

update on ringostat


How to set up the working and non-working time?

To do this, select “Settings” from the left side menu bar and then click on “Project Settings”.

Projects _ Ringostat - Google Chrome 2016-10-27 15.25.40


Then you will see a “time setting” table which will enable you to set the working hours of the company.

time settings


Remember to specify the time zone in the upper field first, because the system will consider this while configuring the working and non-working hours as well as in the formation of the call log. 

time zone


Next you can adjust the working hours for each day separately. If it is the same for all, fill in only the first field (for Monday) and click “Apply to all days.”

apply to all days


For weekends (Saturday and Sunday), simply click on the checkbox to mark them closed. You can set your timezone, close the widget for weekends and holidays and fix the beginning and the end of the working shift. 



If your employees have an assigned lunch hour, you can add it to the time schedule as well, simply choosing the option ‘2 sets of working hours for the same day’. Ringostat’s time settings are very easily customized, and to add to that, this feature works great for enhancing the efficiency of your call center and reducing the number of missed calls. 

Projects _ Ringostat - Google Chrome 2016-10-27 16.46.30


Save your changes and you’re done.

Thus, the new update from Ringostat allows you to specify the working and non-working hours by day and set time intervals in the settings when there’s no one to answer the calls. This makes analysis and statistics of unanswered calls more accurate and generally reduces the number of missed calls.

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