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New Ringostat website: how we have created the platform for complex product

Our new website was launched a week ago. If you have ever released a new platform for the complex product, you may understand how complicated this process is 🙂 That’s why we described our own experience in both serious and emotional ways. Also, we’d like to receive a feedback from you. So dive into our post and learn more about our new website.



You know, we could describe the proсess of developing the website in a boring manner but we decided to choose another option. Therefore, we tell the story of our website with humor. Welcome to this link. Hope you’ll like this post. 

Also, we want to ask you to take this test to understand if the new website is convenient. Thanks in advance! Let’s move on to the serious part.


In the past, we had a website. However, for simple users, it was complicated to understand what our company did. Ringostat is a call analytics service which helps optimize advertising investments. Our product is fairly complex. Some people have never heard of call tracking and some of them don’t understand all the opportunities of it. For this reason, that’s not enough to tell “Here is call tracking. Buy it!”. That’s crucial to explain what call tracking service is and how it works.

Why we decided to launch a new website

  1. The previous Ringostat website was a landing page. That format is better for simple and clear products or services. Ringostat includes many tools and modules. Therefore, information must be structured in separate tabs.
  2. The old website contained so little information. People who have never heard of call tracking couldn’t get what is call tracking and why they need it. They had to leave the website and google to learn more about call analytics.
  3. The landing page contained so little information about product advantages. The visitors didn’t know which benefits they could get by using call analytics, virtual PBX, and callback widget.

Also, we conducted a user survey. It showed that a previous website didn’t satisfy their needs. There was no option but to start developing a new website.

Design and illustrations

Our new website design is lite. We think that helps easily present a difficult information. That’s why:

  • we chose a thin font;
  • we use white and light colors;
  • the brand color is used but not so much. The intense dark green color can overload the website;
  • we use many illustrations instead of screenshots —  we decided not to use many screenshots in order to simplify the reading for our users.

By the way, all the website pictures are minimalist because we don’t want our users to be interrupted by various items and icons. 


Website structure

The information is structured from simple to difficult. On the main website page visitor learns the basic info: what a call tracking is, why we have a cool Customer Support, how virtual PBX works etc. Also, this page has a video available in several languages. That video explains how call analytics works.

By clicking on tabs, a user may get detailed information. That allows not to be overloaded by such complicated terms as API or integrations with bid management services.

The information is divided into menu items:

  • product  — description of Ringostat tools;
  • why Ringostat — benefits of our service, references and case studies;
  • resources — knowledge base and easy-to-find customer support contact form;
  • partners — useful information for our partners and those who want to cooperate with Ringostat;
  • integrations — all services we are integrated with are divided into categories and opportunities of integrations are described in detail.


Also, it’s easy to go to the blog from the mail page.

The content

Our motto is “Keep the text simple and straightforward”. Therefore, the information is presented in plain English and complemented by examples. The user won’t find uncommon words because all the complicated terms are explained.

If you go to certain website sections, the website vocabulary will get more complicated. However, even in the specific sections, we explain all the stuff in detail.

Why the website is convenient for our clients

  1. That’s comprehensive. You don’t need to google to find out how call tracking works and which benefits it provides. The website contains this information.
  2. Easy-to-navigate. Ringostat website has several tabs with clear names and drop-down menu.
  3. Users can easily contact Support Team or request a product demo.
  4. The texts are written in plain English.

If you have any questions or suggestions, comment this post or contact the chat — we’ll be very grateful. 

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