Meet A New Ringostat & Woopra Integration

Natalya Chumak
11.05.20163,573 views Write the first comment

Do you want some incredible statistics? Here it is. We’re sure that 100% of our clients understand the importance of analytics and use different web analytics services to receive a full picture of their marketing performance. The most popular one is Google Analytics, though sometimes it’s appropriate to additionally implement other services. That’s why we have become the first call tracking service to release an integration with Woopra – a cool real-time customer analytics service that shows data broken down by a particular user. It will be useful for all those who

  1. use both Woopra and Ringostat;
  2. use Woopra and search for a call tracking service that integrates with it;
  3. use Ringostat and wants to take advantage of some features that can’t be provided by Google Analytics.

If you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions, keep reading and open the new opportunities.

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Let us introduce Woopra

This service provides its clients with:

  • Detailed profile for each user showing all activities from website, mobile apps, email, live chat and help desk. It also allows to segment customers based on their behavior.



  • Customizable analytics panel: you can choose and highlight the most important data and thus make it simple to find an insight you need. Moreover, there’s an ability to create completely custom reports.


analytics system


  • Funnel reports that help to track customers on different stages of marketing funnel and identify the weakest point of your marketing strategy.


Funnel reports


  • Measuring user retention: you can see if the customer keeps doing important actions.

User retention


  • The Live Dashboard. You can choose key metrics and always have them in one place, presented in a simple, bright and user-friendly way.


Though there’re plenty of different customer analytics services, Woopra offers several unique features that sets it apart from the crowd and even enables to compete with the major player in this market  – Google Analytics.

  • At first, Woopra is instant. It provides real-time tracking and enables you to see who is visiting your website right now, while Google Analytics needs time to update data.
  • The service creates a comprehensive profile for each of your users and allows to track all their activity.
  • Finally, Woopra is easy-to-use, more customizable and has a better visualisation.

3 easy steps to set up integration with Woopra

In order to transfer data from our call analytics system to Woopra, no additional settings in Woopra is required. Just open your project in Ringostat and follow the instruction below;)

Step #1

Click the item “Integration” in the menu and choose “Woopra” in a drop-down list.

Woopra integration

Step #2

You’ll have to fill out three fields: Woopra project domain, App ID and Secret key. This data is available through the link underlined on the following screenshot.

Link to woopra

Keys in woopra

After copying App ID and Secret Key, press “Enable” to choose the data you want to see in Woopra.

set up woopra

Step #3

Add several strings to our code snippet, before Ringostat code and after Woopra (it’s better to have Ringostat snippet just after Woopra):


var wooCookie = document.cookie.match(new RegExp('(^|;)\\s*' + 'wooTracker' + '\\s*=\\s*([^;]+)'));

var wooTracker = wooCookie ? decodeURIComponent(wooCookie.pop()) : null;

   var additional_data_object = {

     woopra :  wooTracker


 window.ringostat_additional_data = JSON.stringify(additional_data_object);


That’s all:)

And the result?

When setting up the integration we create data-schemas for calls in Woopra. You’ll be able to:

  • create customized reports with call analytics data in Woopra:

calls ana;ytics


  • see the call activity of clients in their personal profiles:

profile with calls


  • pin call reports to your Woopra Live Dashboard:

Live Dashboard



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