How Ringostat and Roistat Integration Constructs an Omnichannel Analytics for Online Store

Katya Chubuk
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Like it or not, but working in e-commerce is impossible without the proper web analytics. That’s why our customer set the goal to build an omnichannel analytics to control the efficiency of advertising costs and optimize their marketing budget. Let’s dive into their experience.


About company


Region: Kazakhstan

Field: Plumbing online store

Particularity: The average purchase check is high. Therefore, clients rarely purchase through cart, they prefer to call and clarify information about a product.

The goals of company: to gather full data for omnichannel analytics, optimize the advertising budget and improve the efficiency of sales managers

Before the activation of Ringostat

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Before the activation of Ringostat, online store had been using another call tracking service for one year. However, the received data didn’t satisfy the expectations of, because it was unstructured.

The next step was to implement a new CRM-system and integrate it with call tracking service, used by the company. Then  was disappointed again because managers and marketers didn’t get systematized information. They didn’t have a clue how to work with the received data.

It’s worth mentioning that this online store has a very responsible approach to analytics and understanding of its importance. They used to analyze purchases through a cart in order to determine efficient advertising channels. Nevertheless, the percentage of analytics inaccuracy was 30% and the analyzed data wasn’t enough. 

Therefore, the company made the decision to activate Ringostat. Our service provides all data essential for an omnichannel analytics in systematized and comfortable interface. Besides, Ringostat allows activating extension numbers. This feature is crucial for online stores.  

Thus, reduced the analytics inaccuracy to 5%. The company still was interested in the collection of all received data in the one place and omnichannel analytics. That’s why the integration of Roistat end-to-end business analytics system and Ringostat call tracking service became the best solution. Owing to this, the company was empowered to gather all data from the CRM-system, advertising platforms, and its website.

The Result

Presently has access to complete data, such as a cost of lead attraction, geographical location of callers, lead generating channels (SEO-optimization, Google Adwords). Marketers are now able to understand the whole customer journey towards making purchase.

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The first results were noticed after a week of the using the integration of Roistat and Ringostat. Previously, we simply distributed a marketing budget equally between advertising channels. This was a fundamentally wrong approach. Now we clearly understand where our customers are coming from, and distribute our budget in favor of the most efficient advertising channels.

Alexander Shynkarenko

Project Manager,

In addition, uses call recording from Ringostat. This feature empowered the company to listen to all agent’s call conversations. Thanks to this, they can evaluate the competency of call managers and improve the functions of the sales department.


Omnichannel analytics is essential for every business, which uses different advertising сhannels. The more channels the company uses, the more detailed the analysis of key indicators should be.

It’s necessary to remember that Google Analytics can’t fully demonstrate all traffic generating channels. Through the integration of Ringostat, Roistat and CRM-system, online store reached the goals to gather full volume of structured data, properly analyze it and efficiently distribute a marketing budget according to the received results. 



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