Customized Сallback Button And Other Important Updates

Natalya Chumak
04.04.20161,983 views Write the first comment

The weather is gradually getting warmer, but in our development department it’s a hot time! So, by popular demand, we released (drum roll)… a callback customization! Now you can change its color, shape and position on the webpage. We also added a call log pagination and the ability to send regular reports on email. But that’s not all. There’re also special voice notifications for operators when using classic call tracking.

Our clients have been asking for callback button customization, so here it is! Now you can choose a unique color for each project as there’re two options: entering color number or choosing the special one from a drop-down palette.


What settings of the callback widget are available now?

  • Radius — choose from a round button to a square one;
  • Color — enter the number or choose the color itself in a drop-down palette;
  • Right and bottom margins allow to determine the position of the callback button on the screen;
  • New settings allow to change the language of callback pop-up window.

In order to find this panel you have to choose the item “Settings” in the main sidebar and find a sub-menu “Callback widget”.



For a classic call tracking we released a voice announcement for the agents before the call

With this update you can set up a new whisper message  that will be played each time before call agents pick up a phone. Thus, if a phone number is associated, for example, with a particular billboard or online source, call agents will know it before the conversation.

To take an advantage of this opportunity, choose the sub-menu “Call forwarding”  in the section “Cloud PBX”. Then create a new forwarding scheme for the phone number used in ad, and to attach your whisper  message. Advice: your audio should contain the announcement about the call source, that is associated with the particular phone number/call forwarding scheme.


Three steps to add a whisper message:

  1. Press the orange button “Advanced settings”.
  2. Mark the item “Play whisper message”
  3. Download the file with the message and save a forwarding scheme.

Now you can send the reports with the information you choose to your email

From now on, you can send the reports directly to your email.

  • Choose the report you want to send.
  • Press the button “Action” that can be found on a call log panel.
  • Find an item “Configure email reports” in a drop-down menu.


  • Enter your email, time when you want to receive a report and the regularity of sending.


  • When choosing an option “Consolidated report” you’ll receive an aggregated statistics only, not the whole report.

We’ve added a call log pagination

Searching for the information you need has become easier. We’ve added page numbers for a simpler navigation in the call log. You can find them at the bottom of the report. Also you can control the number of rows displayed per page.


So, what can you do with all these features?


  1. This series of updates will be useful for those who wanted to match the callback button with your branded colors or alternatively, distinguish it from the whole website. You can now decide whether you need a square button, a button with rounded corners or the round one. Moreover, it can be placed anywhere on the website pages.
  2.  Uploading a whisper message will help call agents to know the static source of the call before even speaking with clients. This data will help to stay relevant when talking with a customer via phone.
  3. It has become easier to use the call log :)




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