5 reasons to use call tracking for an agency or freelance PPC Specialists

A lot of specialists face the same problem. A client comes asking to configure ad campaigns, develop a strategy and increase sales. However, when everything is done, he claims that the advertising is useless, a budget is wasted and there are no leads. Thankfully, call tracking is a way to disprove it and to establish long-term cooperation. Read below about its benefits and types of clients who need call tracking.

Benefits of call tracking for agency and PPC specialist

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6 advantages of Ringostat end-to-end analytics

We continue to tell you about end-to-end analytics that is now available in Ringostat. It is the new level of submersion in data as you are not limited by information on calls and sessions anymore. A user receives automatically calculated ROI. He also understands to which channels it is better to allocate the budget. And it’s not the end of Ringostat end-to-end analytics benefits. Read more on other advantages in the article.

advantages of end-to-end Analytics Ringostat

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Advantages of call tracking usage from the US agencies viewpoint: expert opinion

It is hard to believe but a lot of American companies prefer to invest in Google paid ads, Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, without knowing whether they bring requests from customers or not. Read below and find out experts’ opinions on the benefits of call tracking usage for the US market. To write this article we had 120 minutes of audio interviews with professionals from the United States, sharing their opinion on the benefits of call tracking.

Advantages of calltracking for agencies

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7 Terrible Mistakes of PPC Experts in Work with Call Tracking Services

What is your favorite horror movie? We prefer The Shining.

Isolated hotel, crazy writer and very tense atmosphere of Stanley Kubrick’s directing style don’t leave anybody calm.

However, we know something, even scarier than The Shining.

Yes, we’re talking about 7 horrible mistakes in work with call tracking.

They are not as fictional as the story of Stephen King. And they often happen in real life of PPC experts.

So to prevent the common mistakes in work with call tracking services, we prepared this comprehensive post. Take a comfortable seat, coffee and enjoy the ̶w̶a̶t̶c̶h̶i̶n̶g̶  reading;)

Here’s Jonhny.

Копия дизайна Основные (4)

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Ringostat Virtual PBX 2.0. Both the sales reps assistant and phone in your browser

How do you imagine the perfect sales representative? The one who does not waste time and communicate with the highest number of customers. The one who remembers all clients by their names. The perfect sales rep can guess their thoughts that help to close the deals easily. It is not the robot or mind reader description but a representative who uses Ringostat Virtual PBX 2.0. Read below about the global update that will lead your sales department to another level.

Ringostat Smart Phone PBX

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No Money — No Honey: How to Calculate Customer Acquisition Budget

How do you understand how much money to invest in customer acquisition? Today, we share the simple formula of calculation. Take it into consideration to promote your product successfully.


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6 Industries that Must Track Phone Calls
  • 1

In spite of modern communication forms, people still prefer to use the phone to make purchases. Therefore, many types of business need to use call tracking as must-have web analytics tool. Let’s check out which types of business call tracking is the most critical to.  


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5 Cool Marketing Tools We Use

The marketing is a comprehensive set of activities which requires a lot of time and efforts. With that in mind, in the marketing department, we use some helpful tools to increase our efficacy and improve working process. Thanks to them, we may simplify routine and get better results. Here are the best lifesavers of our department that allow to get the most out of your time and energy. Enjoy! 


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How to Get the Most Out of Email Marketing

Undoubtedly email marketers dream of the success of their efforts.  However, not all of them have the talent to make their subscribers wait for each new message as children would wait for the owl from Hogwarts. So how to optimize and enhance your newsletters? In this post, I’ll walk you through tips for improving email marketing campaigns our team has collected along the way. 


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What is SaaS and How Does It Work?

Once upon a time, when SaaS didn’t exist, people used to work with traditional on-premise installations. It took a lot of time and specific efforts of developers. Fortunately, now, SaaS is a great solution for many companies in different industries. Are you still not familiar with it? Let’s jump in.


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