Ringostat Case Study: The Average Order Value Increased By 1.3 Times
  • 26.04.2016
  • Natalya Chumak
  • Events

Conversion grows 1.5 times, average order value increases 1.3 times, ROI doubles. No, it’s not a marketers dream, it’s a real result achieved by our client – a large Asian bank.

Why do banks need call tracking? Firstly, when the privacy of communications grows, more and more clients prefer to call. That’s why companies working in financial sector have to be ready to handle and analyze a large number of inbound calls.

Secondly, many banks serve different customers such as individuals and businesses. These two categories of clients behave differently, and call tracking data helps to find an approach for each of them.

So, how to make your bank super successful? The example is in a case study below.