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Case study: telephony and CRM integration for YOUNG BUSINESS CLUB

Communication with future members often begins over the phone in business clubs. And here it is important to monitor how the team talks to potential members, whether they select candidates correctly, etc. It’s also necessary to automate the transfer of contacts to CRM so that none of them are lost or contain errors. In this case study, we’ll discuss how these tasks were implemented for YBC, Ringostat, and the CRMIUM integrator.

About the project and its tasks before connecting Ringostat

YBC, or Young Business Club, is a closed community of young businessmen united for the sake of interaction and positive changes in the business environment. The club operates in 30+ countries: Ukraine, the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and others. Its members include more than 1000 young entrepreneurs with an average turnover of $500,000 per year.

The YBC community participates in numerous business events, shares experience in thematic chats, groups, and joins internal clubs organized by business area, etc. However, the club is a closed community, so only those who have been selected have access to all these activities. Only one person out of 30 who apply becomes a member of the club.

First, the candidate leaves an application on the YBC website, which must include a phone number:

telephony and CRM integration, phone in the application form for joining the club

Next, a club representative calls the candidate and has a conversation with him or her, which may be followed by a test meeting. The potential member then goes through several stages of selection. During this process, the club has to make sure that the candidate meets certain criteria, for example:

  • is the owner of an officially registered business that has existed for more than two years;
  • his company’s turnover is at least $100,000 per year;
  • the entrepreneur shares the values of the club: trust, cooperation, etc.

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Connecting CRM and telephony integration

“How can a modern self-respecting company work without CRM?” Bohdan says, rightly so. Such a system is the main assistant to any employee in the company, so Zoho CRM was connected to the club’s Ukrainian representative office back in 2019.

In 2023, the question arose of setting up CRM for a separate YBC project in the United States, which was launched four years ago. Tthe club turned to our longtime partner, the CRMIUM integrator, for this purpose. This company is engaged in the implementation of Ukrainian and well-known Western CRMs.

YBC chose HubSpot as a CRM, which is the most well-known solution for the United States. According to CRMIUM, its main advantage over other systems is a powerful marketing component that is recognized worldwide.

The first priority was to set up a sales funnel and contact cards for the community of employees to work properly. It was also necessary to connect lead generation from Facebook and implement automation.

As for the latter task, the integrator implemented a non-standard scenario specifically for YBC’s business processes. By default, only a contact is created from Facebook ads. And, for example, if such a client was already in the database and left a request again six months later, it was impossible to see it. Because of this, there was a problem with tracking the number of leads.

Therefore, the integrator made that a new deal was created for each request from the client. And if a candidate leaves a request for the second or third time, it is automatically written in the name of the deal that it is a repeat application. This way, the employee immediately realizes that it makes sense to see how the candidate was communicated with last time.

How the club handles calls through integration

As we have already mentioned, candidates fill out a form in 99% of cases to apply for membership. After that, they get a call back from an employee who is responsible for the initial communication with candidates.

If a person has passed the preliminary onboarding and is involved in additional events, a separate employee is assigned to him/her, with whom he/she goes the rest of the way to joining YBC. At this stage, a potential club member can already call back to YBC himself.

  1. When a YBC employee calls a new candidate, a contact will be created in HubSpot and a “Call” entity will be recorded. And an audio recording of the conversation will be attached to the deal card.
  2. Similarly, even if the employee did not reach the client.
  3. In the rare case when a new customer calls directly, their contact is recorded in CRM, a call is created, and the lead goes directly to the “New Lead” funnel. Also, an audio recording of the conversation will be transferred to HubSpot.
  4. If the sales rep missed the call, a Call Back task will be automatically assigned to him or her with a deadline of 4 hours.
  5. If the employee didn’t pick up the phone in time, the call will be transferred to another team member. And if no one answers even there, the call will be routed to the answering machine.

If you need to change the integration logic, you can do it in just a couple of clicks in your Ringostat account.

telephony and integration with CRM, logic of integration into Ringostat
A fragment of the Ringostat interface where you can configure the integration logic

The application Ilya is talking about allows you to call with one click on a phone number posted on any website or in a CRM. When a customer calls, the sales rep immediately sees the clent’s name, just as it is recorded in HubSpot. The employee can go to the deal or contact card by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

The Ringostat Smart Phone interface also shows how many times the customer has called, how often they have visited the website, which pages they have visited, etc. All this allows you to immediately understand who is calling and how interested they are. Moreover, the information is displayed even before the sales rep picks up the phone.

An example of data that can be seen in Ringostat Smart Phone when a customer calls
An example of data that can be seen in Ringostat Smart Phone when a customer calls

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How YBC improves the work of team based on call data

It is very important for the club to record the conversations that determine whether YBC will work with a particular person. During the conversation, both parties share sensitive data. Therefore, recording calls allows to make sure that sales rep heard the information from the candidate correctly, and the candidate heard the sales rep correctly.

In addition, YBC is constantly striving to improve:

  • the level of the employees work;
  • scripts;
  • dealing with objections.

Ringostat data also helps with this, as employee can always listen to audio recordings of calls in its interface. They can also do this in CRM, where our platform transfers call data.

First and foremost, the company monitors compliance with the criteria and the initial onboarding. YBC grants access to test events in a closed community, where trust and quality have been built over the years. This is very easy to break, so the club takes this extremely seriously.

In addition, listening to the calls always helps to find the truth:

  • if necessary, apologize to the client;
  • or, on the contrary, to defend the interests of the team because of unfounded slander.

Also, when looking at call analytics, the company saw an interesting insight. The further west you go from Ukraine, the harder it is to reach potential candidates. Therefore, in Europe and the United States, the club actively uses additional communication via email and messengers.

Instead of conclusions: customer feedback

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