Become a Ringostat partner: we are launching the affiliate and influencer program

Alena Voloshyna
10.12.20161,442 views Write the first comment

We are happy to announce the launch of our pilot affiliate and influencer program, which will reward our partners for bringing loyal customers to Ringostat. As a Ringostat partner and influencer, you will receive a 20% recurring monthly commission for all accounts that you refer to Ringostat. 20% commission is guaranteed only to for the first 30 partners.


Make sure to register as soon as possible: only the first 30 partners will receive the 20% commission. For those registering later, the commission will be reduced.

We know that many of our clients achieve excellent results with Ringostat and recommend it to their colleagues and business partners. That is why we have decided to reward and encourage those, who inform others on the advanced call tracking, phone call and omnichannel analytics, which opens opportunities for better management of advertising campaigns and business on the whole.

Now we are launching the affiliate program that would be beneficial both for our current clients and those who are not working with us yet but can spread the word — bloggers, freelancers, media, and schools of internet marketing.

Ringostat affiliate and influencer program – what is it?

Starting from now, you can become our partner and receive compensation for every client that comes to Ringostat by following your affiliate link. To be more precise — 20% of every payment, made to Ringostat during one year.

Important note: it is real money and it is not intended to be the payment for a license to use Ringostat (as often happens with similar programs). You can withdraw funds from your account and spend them in any way preferable to you.

The material benefit is not everything that our affiliate program has to offer. You will also receive:

  • Early notice on new releases
  • Opportunity to join promo campaigns
  • Access to useful marketing materials

Additionally, the Ringostat affiliate program entails:

  • Quick registration
  • Convenient dashboard with all the information on your affiliate program: the number of people who followed the link, the number of Ringostat registrations, the number of payments and the sum of your commission.
  • Easy automation and withdrawal of funds
  • Access to Ringostat promo materials

We will take care of every client, so do not hesitate to recommend us.

Affiliate and influencer program and agency partnerships: what is the difference?

Ringostat has established partnerships with many internet marketing agencies — digital marketers often recommend our service to clients who want to achieve significant results. For this type of partnership, we offer special opportunity — an agency partner program. It entails the following:

  • The agency commission of 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% – depending on the turnover;
  • Automatic access to clients’ projects in the Dashboard for agencies;
  • Free Ringostat plan after achieving a certain turnover amount;
  • Access to educational marketing materials
  • Invitations attend or to give a speech at trainings and various other events hosted by Ringostat
  • Publish joint cases on the Ringostat blog and other popular internet platforms
  • Organize events with Ringostat and have information partnership
  • Be featured in the ‘Ringostat Partners’ block

You can get more information about this and other partnership programs for agencies here.

Note that if you choose to work with us by the agency partnership program, you will not be able to use the advantages of the affiliate and influencer program. You will have to decide which scheme is preferable to you.

These two programs are principally different as they have been created for different partnership types, however, each of them has its own advantages.

Agencies will not be able to experience the benefits of affiliate and influencer program long-term, even if this option might seem attractive now.  

The agency partnership program is designed to serve long-term goals, and agencies should not strive to join the affiliate and influencer program for the following reasons:

  • 20% commission will be offered only to the first 30 registered partners. We already have only 19 spots left. When all places are occupied, we will reduce the commission.
  • The affiliate and influencer commission is valid during one year. The majority of agencies work with us for a longer period, that is why such scenario might be disadvantageous for them.
  • The affiliates will not have the automatic access to clients’ projects at Ringostat, which is  essential for the agencies.
  • Agency partnership program intends the increase of commission with turnover growth, when the affiliate and influencer program has fixed commission amount.
  • We don’t offer affiliate and influencer partners an assigned Customer Support Manager or service priority;
  • If a client registers without following the affiliate link, we will not be able to connect the registration to your account, the way we can do that for the agencies.  

Agency partnership program vs. affiliate and influencer program


At the same time, the affiliate and influencer program is designed to give unique opportunities for those who have no connection to an internet marketing agency and even to those, who are not our clients. This program is for those, who knows the advantages of Ringostat and is willing to share them with wider audience (bloggers, media, freelancers, digital and internet marketing schools, etc.)


The affiliate and influencer program is a great opportunity to become our partner for those, who do not work for an agency or even are not currently our clients. At the same time, the agency partnership program remains beneficial specifically for internet marketing agencies.

Becoming our partner is easy:

  1. Register here
  2. Get your own referral link
  3. Put it on your blog, publication or social media post
  4. Get your bonuses and benefits from working with us

Once again: the 20% commission will be available only for the first 30 registered partners. For those, who will not manage to get registered among first 30 affiliates, the commission will be reduced.

If you have any questions regarding the affiliate and influencer program, please contact our marketing department at or leave them in the comment section below.


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