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8 email marketing tips for a successful outreach campaign

When it comes to email marketing, there are endless ways to use it to make it a successful outreach campaign. From finding the right audience to contact to come up with interesting emails and good CTA, it’s important to consider all details. In this article, Nada Bundalo, who is a part of the link building team at digital marketing agency shares the experience in building an effective outreach campaign. 

Email Marketing Tips for a Successful Outreach Campaign

By writing the perfect email and finding the right group of leads to send it, you not only increase your chances of success but also make the entire campaign more focused.

A B2B report by the Content Marketing Institute, 40% of marketers think that email newsletters are the most important part of their marketing strategy. 

Examples of marketing tactics used by B2B marketers


Today, we’ll go through the best email marketing tips to elevate your strategy, your business, and ultimately make the most of your outreach campaign. Whether you want to get more responses, a higher conversion rate, or increase your ROI, this article is for you.


#1. Do your research to determine your target audience

Email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. But, to be able to make it as powerful as possible, research is needed. By researching the important information about your audience, you’ll be able to know them more, to know the group’s expectations, and to send the information and promotion they actually want. Also, you will want to analyze your competitor, what works for them, the content they produce, share, and more.

Last but certainly not least, research can also come from other sources. For example, LinkedIn lead generation is a great way to start getting new connections. Select your leads by the posts they share, the comments they wrote, and more. Make sure to read until the end to know more about social media and how to make the most of them.

Don’t forget about your business promotion while searching for leads on LinkedIn. Thus, make sure you checked the article with four effective hacks that the Ringostat team prepared for you.


#2. Be an email subject line superhero

The line email subject in marketing is perhaps one of the most important parts of an email. In fact, a bad email subject can not only be a major turn-off to prospective clients, but it can also cost you business. According to an analysis by Hubspot, 35% of recipients open their emails based on the subject line only.

Percentage of recipients open their emails based on the subject line only


Source of the image:

The purpose of the email subject in marketing is to give the recipient an insight into the type of product or service you are promoting. It should make them want to click on them, to click on your links, what their immediate needs are, and ultimately create interest. The email subject is one of your first interactions with a potential client. It allows you to establish trust while also letting them know a little more about your company. Always address it by your name or brand and include a call to action.

To sum up, one of the best rules for email marketing is to tell your customers what you want them to do: click on your link. That makes your email subject in marketing very clear and puts your best foot forward.


#3. Adding personalization to your email outreach is an obligation

Personalization is an essential part of email outreach, and for multiple reasons. 

Definition of a personalized email

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According to Campaign Monitor, emails with a personalized and unique subject line are 26% more likely to be open than traditional ones. Of course, that’s only one of the motives for which you should personalize all your emails and make them as unique as possible while keeping professional.

Open rate of personalized emails


That being said, let’s go through the essential points of personalization in your marketing emails. 

1. In order for your email to be special and appealing, you will want them to be original, unique, and to give something that your readers won’t receive from anyone else.

2. You will be able to track the users’ activity on your website and send them recommendations based on their activity.

3. Make sure to include humor in your email marketing as it will make it more entertaining and keep your reader’s attention. Read further to know everything about humor in email marketing.

Here are some examples below of a personalized email campaign:

Example of a personalized email

Source of the image:

Personalized newsletter example

#4. Keep your emails short

Have you ever wondered why you have to keep your emails short for marketing? Well, one of the most important things to know about email marketing is that people don’t have the time to read long emails. You have to keep your emails short and sweet because they have a very short lifespan in the mind of a person.

According to a report by Hubspot, emails shorter than 200 words are the ones with the highest clickthrough rate. Ideally, you’ll want to write between 50 and 125 words to get the best results. However, note that emails that are too short aren’t too good either and it’s important to provide enough value and details to your audience to increase your conversion rate.

Another report by Convince and Convert found out that 56% of global emails are read on either iPhones or Gmail. This simply means that, while writing powerful emails is important, sending short ones that are easily readable on mobile devices is even more. 

To sum up, when you write a marketing email, you should keep it very clear, concise, and as short as possible. Long marketing emails are often boring and difficult to read, so you should avoid writing those kinds of emails.

Here's an example of a short email newsletter


Example of a brief email newsletter

#5. Use a slight dose of humor to make your emails memorable and eye-catching

Humor in email marketing campaigns can be tricky as it has to be kept in context. Email humor should be light, amusing, and appropriate for the subject. Email jokes are a dime a dozen: some are quite good, while others are considered tasteless and even unprofessional.  However, a carefully chosen email humor can bring about a more positive response from your audience because it can make them memorable, give more attention to the readers, and certainly make them want to read until the end.

According to an analysis by Statista, the number of global email users was over 4 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach over 4.5 billion users by 2025. Needless to say, emails are a widely popular way to communicate and advertise, and for this reason, being unique and using humor will help you stand out.

Number of e-mail users worldwide 2017-2025 Published by H. Tankovska, Mar 19, 2021  Despite the growth and prominence of mobile messengers and chat apps, e-mail is an integral part of daily online life. In 2020, the number of global e-mail users amounted to four billion and is set to grow to 4.6 billion users in 2025. Global e-mail audiences In 2020, approximately 306 billion e-mails were sent and received every day worldwide. This figure is projected to increase to over 376 billion daily e-mails in 2025. Recent industry data shows that the trend towards mobile also holds true for e-mail: in December 2018, 43 percent of e-mail opens were via mobile. Desktop e-mail clients’ open share had declined to 18 percent, and webmail accounted for 39 percent of opens. Based on the dominance of mobile, it is no surprise that the iPhone e-mail app was the most popular e-mail client, accounting for 29 percent of e-mail opens. Gmail was ranked second with a 27 percent open share. Gmail is a free e-mail service owned by Google, and the company reported 1.5 billion active Gmail users worldwide in October 2018. Malicious mail Many online users use e-mails for website and newsletter signups and brace themselves for the inevitable flood of spam and marketing communications. Whereas most unwanted e-mails are annoying yet ultimately benign, consumers are right to be wary of malicious e-mail that can be used to compromise their digital accounts and devices. Overall, consumers are pretty aware of the dangers of unknown e-mails and according to a global survey in February 2019, 45 percent of internet users reported that they avoided opening e-mails from unknown e-mail addresses. Read more Number of e-mail users worldwide from 2017 to 2025


In other words, using funny quotes in your advertising and marketing communications is tricky and must be done with caution. One of the best ways to keep your audience’s attention is to send them a few carefully selected funny emails throughout the course of your campaign. However, you still have to be careful when choosing which funny emails to send out. The recipient of your email needs to be able to identify a genuine joke in it, and they also need to find the humor in it.

To sum up, when selecting your humor in email marketing, make sure that you select your funny emails in a way that your recipient can easily identify the humor within them.


#6. Always have a strong, but simple CTA

One of the problems that most email marketing campaigns run into is not having a strong enough call to action in email marketing. Of course, there are other benefits to having a call to action in your email marketing campaign as well. The CTA is purely what makes your emails sell, get you more leads, and increase your ROI, and, for this reason, it shouldn’t be underestimated. Without a call to action in your email marketing campaign, you will have recipients looking at your emails without ever taking the time to read them. Additionally, you will want to be original with your call to action. In fact, while color and placement are important, the actual text is even more.

For example, instead of making your customers search through the website, look for the inconvenient phone number and dial it manually, an embedded easy-to-see “Call Us Now” button will motivate them to take action any time without having to do additional work. WordStream revealed that emails with a single CTA got 371% more clicks and generated 1617% more sales.

Check the examples of call-to-action in the newsletter:

Example of the email CTA

Example of the call-to-action button

Example of the CTA button


#7. Increase your chances of getting a reply with follow-ups

If you want to get a reply to your emails, then the first thing that you need to realize is the importance of your follow-up. In fact, your follow-up can help to seal the deal and get people to take action because it acts as a reminder for them. When you follow up on email marketing the main idea is to provide useful information. This is why you should use the same subject line, keep it short and to the point.

One point to highlight is not to follow up too quickly. Of course, follow-up emails can provide added value, but if you try too hard and push your readers too much, you won’t get the results you expect. Give your audience the time to process your last email and follow up 15 days or a month later. Furthermore, you should also take time zones and the time you send the emails into consideration. In fact, the worst time to open emails is at 12 PM. For this reason, if you see that your emails weren’t open, it may be due to inappropriate timing. We recommend sending your emails between 10 AM and 11 AM for the best results.

Lastly, don’t forget your CTA. Just like your first emails, your call to action is important and you’ll need to include a short and original one to make the most of your follow-up emails.


#8. If you aren’t tracking, you are not marketing

You read that right. If you aren’t tracking your email campaign, you simply aren’t marketing, and this for a few reasons. First of all, it is important to email tracking as it will allow you to understand who opened your emails and how many times, who clicked on your links, who downloaded your attachments, and much more. Simply put, it will allow you to know the users that are interested in your content, the ones that haven’t and (probably) will not open your emails, and eventually make you gain time.

Secondly, it will give you an idea of the readers that are worth sending follow-up emails to. As a marketer, you know that sending follow-up emails to an audience that didn’t even open your first one won’t be so much worth it. Last but not least, it will help grow your business. Tracking your email will give you a ton of information and you’ll be able to use that data to create new email newsletters and ultimately target the right audience depending on your campaign.



These were the best email marketing tips you had to know to elevate your business, target the right audience, and make the most of it while increasing your ROI. With email marketing, you’ll be able to reach out to users with a powerful email, follow up if needed, improve your sales, and ultimately communicate with your audience. In addition, you should also think about your customers, analyze their behavior, and put yourself into their shoes to understand what they want and which of your services to offer them.

To conclude, email marketing is an effective and powerful way to advertise your products, services, your business, and most importantly, improve your marketing strategy.


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