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6 Important Features Of Our New User Interface

Ringostat team wants to introduce our clients to the updated user interface and its advantages.

A decision to update Ringostat user interface was the result of deep analytics of our clients’ feature requests. We constantly develop and always try to meet the customers’ expectations regarding usability and speed of the service. Our team hopes that from now on, Ringostat clients will adapt faster to the instrument and start getting the benefits from it.

So, there are 6 main changes that will make the use of our service more intelligible. Let’s talk more precisely about each of them:

1. A new dashboard with your project KPIs

KPI dashboard

From now on, you can quickly receive all information about:

  • the total number of calls received during the last 7 days and how many of them were targeted;
  • the number of missed calls and their ratio in the total call volume;

With this data you’ll be able to respond quickly to changing and affect on these indicators.

Moreover, on the dashboard you will see your current plan, its activation period and project balance. This will allow you to pay off the debts on time and thus to avoid the interruption in analytics and receiving calls.

2. A new report – call distribution by day of the week and time of the day

Call distribution per day and hour of the day

Along with new UI we prepared a new report which allows you to know the busiest days and hours of your sales department. With this data it will be easier for you to optimize the schedule of your sales managers, as well as to identify the important behavioral trends in customers’ activity.

Our programmers advise to choose the term from Sunday to Saturday when choosing a filter on a 7-day period. In this case the report will be more accurate.

3. A new type of reports: multi-channel funnels

Multichannel attribution

It’s known that customers usually need some time to make a call. They can visit your site several times from different advertising campaigns, follow links, but they don’t call. When the users decide to buy, only the last ad source is displayed in analytics, though it wasn’t the main push to make a call.

From now on, you’ll be able to see the sequences of interactions that led up to each phone call. With this type of reports you’ll know how previous referrals and searches contributed to your sales, what traffic sources became the beginning of the consideration process and what sources referred the users when they called. Moreover, you’ll see the number of visits from each advertising channel.

4. Our new call log launched in October 2015 successfully passed the beta testing and now is default

Call log

Along with the updated user interface you can fully take the advantage of the new call log.

For example,  you can configure personalized report templates (30 criteria for calls filtering are currently available) and export them for further work.

Moreover, we launched a new player for listening the recordings of your agents’ phone conversations. Here is the list of its improvements:

  • it’s compact;
  • it’s easy to rewind the record and find the fragments you’re interested in;
  • accelerated playback is available.

5. Improved and better-designed call statistics data

Call statistics

The phone calls charts are made in soft and calm colors, the setting button became more compact and has a more natural look, the axis labels became clearer. Moreover, you can chose whether you want to see a sidebar or not. Thanks to this novelty, you can

  • view the reports without flipping them aside;
  • see detailed graphical data over a longer period of time.

6. Ringostat user panel became faster

Thanks to the updated software platform, our users will spend less time managing their accounts regardless of the project size.

The update is still in progress. We strive to adapt the user panel for its most comfortable daily use. If you have any questions or suggestions when using the new interface, you can send them to


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