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15 Creative Instagram Content Ideas To Heal Slow Engagement

If you feel it is hard to bring fresh and new ideas of social media content, don’t worry. There are various ways to refresh your content and posts. In this article, Mary Kyle, a content developer, and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen shares her experience in content creation for Instagram. 

15 Creative Instagram Content Ideas To Heal Slow Engagement

If you feel incomplete in your Instagram content strategy, then you are in the exact place to find out the perfect solution. Here you can learn 15 creative content ideas on Instagram to level up your strategy. Let’s dive in!


Instagram Stories

Instagram stories make brands upload organic content than the post in a brand’s feed on Instagram. Above 550 million people watching Instagram stories daily, you need to get them engaged and involved with your brand or business.

Example of Instagram Stories templates

Source of the image:

Social media users expect Instagram stories to look natural as it increases Instagram story views count that helps to bring a high brand look to your company. You can also set up your branded story highlights on your Instagram profile. People are more likely to view the bio section whenever they enter into your Instagram profile. The branded highlights option is located under the bio section. So, saving your stories as highlights is the best way to maximize Instagram story views count and intensify brand exposure. A recent study says that over 80% of the audience glance at highlights when they visit an Instagram profile page.


UGC or User-Generated Content

UGC is abbreviated as User Generated Content, is a perfect way to get community-made posts in your feed. It’s also a great way to gain new fans, sales and transform your audience into customers. Don’t forget that your audience itself is a great source to get amazing content. According to the research, 92% of consumers believe that UGC helps in making decisions. But don’t upload any User-Generated Content that you are tagged in. You should create a branded hashtag for your business. Re-upload the good content from fans who used your branded hashtag.

Example of Instagram UGC

Source of the image:

Make sure you checked a detailed article on our blog: “How to use Instagram user-generated content for marketing your business”.

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BTS or Behind The Scenes

Your social media networks are a great place to upload photos or video content that shows your company’s inner workings. Provide fans a sneak peek about your brand’s daily works on every occasion. It is always exciting to watch how products are getting packed for dispatch or how the events are arranged. You can see below an example of the behind-the-scenes process. Pay attention that you do not necessarily need to take a photo of the BTS, it can also be filmed and then put to your Instagram stories or Reels.

Example of the behind the scenes photoshoot

Source of the image:


Playlists of Spotify

Each person loves a great playlist. Growing a Spotify network and bringing branded playlists makes the personality of your brand bloom. Don’t forget that there are audiences behind their beloved brand’s social channels. Using the stories section on Instagram, you can get more audience to your playlists of Spotify.

There are three steps to add Spotify music to your Instagram stories.

Playlists of Spotify

Source of the image:


1. Download Spotify, and select the song.

2. Don’t forget to choose the exact part you want, as Instagram Stories are limited in time, so you have to select 15 seconds of the song.

3. The last step is to open the Instagram camera section by swiping left. To play the song in the background don’t forget to simultaneously turn on the song on Spotify. Here you are. The song is playing and you can capture your Stories.


Share The News

If your brand is published in any news, share it with your audience. It makes your audience understand that you are a trustable business or brand. And also, a little boast doesn’t damage your brand or hurt anyone. For instance, the founder of feminine care was featured by the Inc. Magazine, and the company shares this great news with their fans. Here’s an example of how Gucci shares the news about a new book:

Example of the brand sharing news on Instagram


Blog Posts

Refer to the audience by sharing your blog links if you have your company blog. Share it with your Instagram stories, and the audience uses the swipe-up link on Instagram if you have above 10K fans. Don’t worry if you don’t have 10K followers, there are various ways you can drive your audience to your target page. You can post in the feeds section of Instagram, and ask the users to click the link in your bio. It helps you to gain sales and traffic and the better thing is: it’s totally free. Here how the link looks like in the bio:

Example of the link in the bio
By the way, don’t forget to share your blog posts on other social networks to gain even wider audience. Check the examples below to discover how we are doing so on Ringostat social media pages.

Example of the blog post sharing on social network


Reels On Instagram

Instagram reels are the new feature that makes users film 15-second video content with audio sounds and overlay texts which is similar to TikTok. Reels provides brands or businesses a great way to make engaging, fun Instagram video content. The popularity of reels are growing every day, and most of the brands and businesses are using it already to multiply their audience.

Example of Instagram Reels

Source of the image:

However, while posting Instagram Reels don’t forget that this feature is not available for all countries. It means that some of your followers will see your Reels as an average video, moreover, cutted because of the format. The best decision here is to discover whether your target audience can use Instagram Reels before posting it.


Share Stock Images

If you wish to add attractive visuals to your stories or feed, stock images are a great way to save your money, time, and effort. When text needs a visual explanation, you can use stock images or video contents in your post to build strong creativity to your contents in terms of gaining more eyeballs to your brand page. The thing here is to match stock photos to your usual images style, so your feed looks complete.

Here’s an example of the Instagram feed that has posts in the same style:

Example of the matching posts feed

Source of the image:

Check our article “How to use Instagram for your business growth” if you are looking for tips to make the Instagram profile looking in the same style.


Employee Spotlights

Example of the "employee spotlights" post

Source of the image:


Provide chances for your employees to shine. Consumers always wish to see humans back at their favorite companies. It provides them a great way to relate the brand on a more special level. For instance, Uber , the rideshare company does a wonderful job of appreciating their best employees on their every social media networks. Uber highlighted every driver during pandemic time who helped their community.

Example of the Instagram post on the Uber's page


Shots Of The Product

Gather more unique ways to spread product images. It would be best if you fixed your pictures within your brand aesthetic. Bring various products together, film them with an attractive background, create animations, and make fun! 

Tip: you need not to invest amounts to come up with a good product image – you can capture it in your home itself. It brings the audience to refer to your brand or business page.

Example of posts with products on Instagram

Source of the image:


Make Unique Challenge Or Game

Making games on social media networks is a great way to stay on-trend and level up your followers’ engagements. Also, you can make challenges that bring fun for fans expanding your impressions and reach. If you use Instagram stories to open a challenge, it disappears after a day. So you can post it on your Instagram feed as well. 

Example of the game on Instagram

Example of the “Finish the lyrics game” on Instagram. Source of the image: 



Audiograms on Instagram example

Source of the image:


It’s for all the podcasters and YouTubers. With famous podcasts, take a bit-sized audio snippet and converting them into audiograms for your social media networks is a perfect way to gear up your content strategy on social media. 

There are various ways you could make these audiograms. It works even if you are not a podcaster. If your business or brand has YouTube video contents, you can make audio snippets from your video contents on YouTube and do the same thing exactly.



Example of testimonials on Instagram

Source of the image:

Uploading testimonials build the trust of your service/product and encourage the fans to share their unique stories in the hope of being highlighted. It’s a perfect way to convert followers into brand ambassadors lifelong. There are many dating apps that make good buzz on social media networks by uploading couple stories who are introduced on their application.

Example of testimonials on L'oreal's Instagram page

That’s an example of how L’oreal post their testimonials on Instagram


Influencer Content

Example of the influencer Instagram

Example of Cardi B Instagram page

Joining hands with influencers suits well for your brand. Influencers are the content creators who help generate content for your channel—partner with influencers who have more engagement rates than more followers. It means the influencer’s audience cares more about their contents, which brings you the more traffic and sales to your business. Nowadays, most of the business and brands on Instagram use Influencer strategy effectively to get more conversions.


User’s comment

Ask your audience about their opinions. The straight forward questions not only gain more engagements but also it helps you to know your audience well. You can use the story stickers on Instagram like question stickers and poll to reap your customers’ feedback. One of the famous brands on Instagram uses stories on Instagram to ask questions where they get numerous answers. Then it converts that data into the Instagram feeds. It’s the smart way to acquire the customer’s trustability towards your brand or business.

Example of users comments on Instagram



It’s always great to come up with new content ideas for Instagram business. Now, it’s your perfect time to put these creative ideas into practice. What’s the first idea you are going to try out from these content ideas? Each idea resembles a great way to your objectives. Choose the ideas that work for your fans.

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